WhatsApp video calling is killer upgrade
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WhatsApp is taking the fight to Zoom and Meet here’s how.

WhatsApp Web had no a good few months. But there is good news to convince users to leave Signal and Telegram. WhatsApp launched a new feature ‘Video Calling apps’. Phone meeting is now used mostly due to COVID-19. Conference call is now easy and daily usage in common users.

WhatsApp has offered to users to video call but not desktop. But now he comes with a new feature and you can WhatsApp video call from somewhere other than your phone. 

COVID-19 pandemic has led to a huge demand for video calling software, as people try to get some face-to-face time without being physically close. WhatsApp steps up and provides us video calling apps but only on the mobile phone, not Desktop video calling. For that reason, competitors like Zoom or Google Meet have managed to get the upper hand.

According to WABetaInfo this feature is slowly rolling out and should be available to all beta users. There’s no word on when it will become to all public users. But there is a fact for beta users who can use this Desktop video calling feature.


The feature appears to work just like calls on your phone, with a pop-up window letting you answer or decline calls as and when they come in. It’s easy but WhatsApp takes so long time to bring this major feature to desktops.

Yes, this feature is different from Desktop calling from other platforms. It can’t work without your mobile phone. And this the only reason who can fail that new Desktop video calling.

So, if you want to WhatsApp web Desktop video calling using your laptop so, you need your phone every time.

But the latest policy from WhatsApp down customer satisfaction, which details tweaks on how it shares data with Facebook, led to a user revolt and saw millions of people flee to rival services.

WhatsApp insisted nothing major was changing, and what few changes there were only applied to data collected when you interact with businesses on WhatsApp. And the really bad impact on WhatsApp’s users….:)

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