McDonalds lunch hours
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What time does McDonald’s serve lunch?

McDonald lunch hours! On weekdays McDonald’s starts serving at 10:30 am all across the world. And on weekends he starts at 11:00 am. Lunch-hours usually end at 5.00 am. The lunch during time varies from store to store. McDonald’s app helps you to find out the exact time, anywhere, for any meal. And you can download it by clicking here McDonald’s App.


McDonald’s runs about 355000 restaurants all over the world. And that is the world’s 1st restaurant that runs the restaurants across all over the world. Across those 100 countries, almost in every big city, McDonald’s runs its units.

Lunch Time McDonalds

McDonald’s is the world’s best fast food serving restaurant. And its key features are clearness, customer satisfaction, fast serving, best food, certification from high authority food, advance, nutrition, and speedy service. No one can beat this industry.

McDonalds lunch time Menu

McDonald’s provides a menu depending on the places and the taste of the people. But some meals are fixed and you can get everywhere in the world.

McDonalds lunch time menu is the combination of hundreds meals. But Due to COVID-19 they reduce their lunch menu.

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  1. Mc chicken sandwich
  2. Crispy chicken salad
  3. Side salad
  4. Crispy chicken and bacon salad
  5. spicy quarter pounder with cheese
  6. Quarter pounder deluxe
  7. Mc Chicken B.L.T.
  8. Nacho cheese wedges
  9. Veggie dippers-4 pieces
  10. Happy meal veggie dippers-2 pieces
  11. Chicken legend with B.B.Q. sauce
  12. Chicken legend with cool mayo
  13. Mayo chicken
  14. The sweet chilly chicken one – crispy
  15. The B.B.Q. and crispy chicken
  16. Big mac
  17. Bacon double cheeseburger
  18. Triple cheeseburger
  19. Hamburger
  20. Cheeseburger
  21. Double cheeseburger
  22. Bacon double cheeseburger
  23. Triple cheeseburger
  24. Chicken Mc nuggets
  25. 20 chicken nuggets—share box
  26. Chicken selects
  27. Filet-fish
  28. Fries
  29. Apple and grapefruit bag
  30. Carrot bag
  31. Milkshakes
  32. Coffees
  33. Teas
  34. Cold drinks
  35. Soft drinks/smoothies
  36. Mc flurries
  37. Fresh juices
  38. Mc royale meal

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McDonalds Lunch time in different countries.
U.K McDonalds Menu

U.K People love to have wide range of food in lunch And that’s why McDonalds in U.K provide a wide range of menu for U.K people.

U.K Lunch time in McDonalds restaurant

Well, The timing of lunch in the U.K McDonald’s restaurant starts at 11:00 am. But before the pandemic, they start at 10:00 am. 24-hours McDonald has a timing from 11.00 am to 5.00 am.

When does the McDonalds end lunch in U.K

McDonald’s end up its lunch timing in the U.K is 05:00 am. But due to the pandemic of covid-19, they altered their timing in November 2019.

Lunch Program in Pakistan

The people of Pakistan are pure food material and they love to have a vast number of items on the menu. Therefore McDonald’s in Pakistan provide a vast number

McDonalds Branches in Pakistan

 Almost in all big cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Faisalabad, 2-3 units are running. And there are 72 Branches in Pakistan.

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When McDonald’s does start serving lunch in Pakistan?

McDonalds start lunch in Pakistan at 11:00 am. And McDonalds doesn’t comprise their timing. You cannot order your lunch before 11.00 am or 12.00 am.

Lunch Program in Canada

In Canada, Mcdonald’s is known as Medic’s. And in Canada, all McDonald’s restaurants start lunch at 11:00 am. There are approximately **504 branches in Ontario that cover nearly 36% of the overall number of outlets. Around 195 units are working in Columbia.

When McDonald’s is start serving lunch in Canada?

McDonalds lunch hours in Canada! McDonald’s serves its lunch at 11.00 am in Canada. Lunch timings can vary from branch to branch too. However, an approximate for lunch in Canada at Mcdonald’s is around 11.00 am or 11.30 am.

When does McDonald’s end their lunch menu in Canada?

In Canada, McDonalds ends their lunch menu at 6.00 am. After this, they start their breakfast menu.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Does 24-hour McDonalds serve lunch all day?

Yes! There are many McDonald’s restaurants that offer a 24/7 lunch menu. These branches are open from 11.00 am to 12.00 am. You can go there and get a deal according to your taste.

No matter, These branches open 24/7 or not. You can go there and select deals and they offer you according to their charts. Therefore, 24-hour McDonalds doesn’t provide a lunch menu all day. 

2. When does McDonald’s serve breakfast?

McDonald’s serves their breakfast from 08:00 am to 11:00 am. And start the lunch menu at 11:00 am. But those branches that open 24/7 start breakfast at 05:00 am.

3. Can you order lunch during breakfast hours At McDonalds?

No! That’s not possible. you cannot buy any lunch meal during breakfast hours. Because breakfast time they only focus on the breakfast menu and that time they cannot offer you lunch menu.


McDonalds lunch hours! Mcdonald’s is a very famous and best platform for serving food. Meanwhile, a lot of people want to know what time does McDonald’s serves its lunch menu. Mcdonald’s usually starts serving its lunch menu at 10.30 am. However, this time can vary from branch to branch.

McDonald’s lunch hours end at 5.00 am. You can place your order by 4.45 am, and it will be dispatched by 4.49 am. McDonald’s doesn’t accept orders out of their timetables. 24/7 Mcdonald have some flexible timings. So, prefer them if you have any nearby.

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