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Genyoutube or gentube is a free YouTube video downloading website and app. You can download SD and HD quality videos and it supports 500 formats. It also offers to download videos available other than YouTube.


1. What is Genyoutube?

Genyoutube or Jen YouTube/genyt help to download YouTube videos for free. Genyoutube video-downloader helps you to download videos in HD and SD qualities along with supporting 500 formats. Those downloaded videos will be able to play on HDTV and mobile. Now if we question that genyoutube virus-free? Then the answer will be yes, it is. You can safely surf the site and download videos.

  1. It provides a very easy process to download videos.
  2. This service can be used by visiting their website or using their android app by the name ‘Genyoutube-YouTube Downloader.’
  3. It provides an option to download various videos simultaneously while offering a remarkably fast download speed.
  4. You can download any type of video using this service without being worried about downloading only a few types of videos. For example, it may include age-restricted video, Vivo videos, video restricted in some regions for viewing, etc.
  5. You can preview the video that is downloading by using video play or taking a screenshot (especially if you are downloading by using the mobile).
  6. It also provides the option of only downloading the audio of the video.
  7. You can search for a video by copying the pasting link for that YouTube video in the genyoutube search bar and press enter. Another option is to search a video by tags available on the website under the name ‘Search Tags.’
  8. Trending videos for each country are also available from where you can also download your required video.
  9. You can download using genyt service by using Safari, and Chrome, extensions.

Various type of video can be downloaded for free, using its website or app, also has fast speed and simultaneous downloading option by an easy process, on Mac and Android OS.

2. How to download YouTube video from Genyoutube

The process is easy to use and user-friendly to download YouTube videos as mp3 or in any format.

It has a two-step process.

2.1. Methods of Video Downloading From genyoutube Site and App

The method for downloading through the website and app is the same.

The two simple methods are explained in detail for download video.

Method 1

  1. Copy the URL of the video from the address bar that is available on the search bar.
  2. Open the website Here you will see the Search Bar at the top left of the website home page. Simply paste your URL in that search bar and press enter key from your keyboard.
  3. Next, it will direct you to the page where the same video will be shown to you.
  4. After that, you have the option to check if it is the same video by watching the preview. You can recheck the video by clicking on the ‘Quick View’ option which is easily available on the right bottom side of the video.
  5. After ensuring yourself that it is the same video that you wanted to download, just click on the ‘Generate Download Links.’ It will redirect you to the downloading links where is several formats are available for download, select the desired one.
  6. Alternate links and options of different languages for subtitles are also available. Just more click on any option in which you want your download and you are done it!

In Short:
Copy the YouTube link of your interesting video from the address bar, paste it in the search bar at, enter search. It will show the same video along with the ‘Generate Download Links’ option, click this option and your download is ready.

Method 2

  1. This is almost the same method as the First Method except it helps to skip step 1 and step 2 as mentioned above in the First Method.
  2. This method helps to save time.

Include ‘gen’ in the YouTube URL.


Assume, If you have already been watching a video on YouTube and then you’ve planned to download it so in that case just add the word ‘gen’ in the YouTube URL which would be available in the address bar of the YouTube page on which you are watching a video or about to play video

Then you’ve to add ‘gen’ in the above link like that:


And the above-given link will simply open this video for you on the genyoutube website from where you just have to simply click on the download link.

There are two simple methods for download, method 1 needs to just copy-paste the YouTube video link in the search bar when the video appears just click the download option. Method 2 is quicker, you just need to put the word ‘gen’ in YouTube video URL and enter which opens the video in, and the rest is the same process.

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3. Genyoutube download

Genyoutube can be downloaded on your PC and smartphones using different websites. It includes apkpure, uptodown, etc.
Let us see how to download it on PC and on the smartphone using different app downloaders.

3.1. Genyoutube experimental download

When the new Obama government came, at that time YouTube offered download offers for watching videos from the channel of USA. YouTubes Permits video downloads for offline streaming but it is only for selected channels.

3.2. Genyoutube download for PC

You can easily download its app on PC for MacBook and Windows OS.
Here are the steps are given below on how to install it.

Steps to install on PC:

  1. Initially, open any Android Emulator for PC, then download and install them.
  2. Succeeding ​installation, open Google Play Store in it. In-play store, search for Genyoutube – Youtube Downloader.
  3. Click on the genyoutube app icon and it will open the app for you.

Install Android Emulator for PC, after installation opens Google Store in it and search its app and click the app icon and start installing.

3.3. Genyoutube App Download apkpure

What is genyoutube apk? APK Pure is a website from which you can download genyoutube app. You can download its app on the ‘Apkpure’ website using the following method.

4. Genyoutube widget on your YouTube

For saving time, they have provided an extension to be installed to your chrome and whenever you are browsing and in case want to download, just click on their widget ‘Download’ (which appears below the video).

How to install the widget

  1. Open google web store and search ‘Tampermonkey’ and click ‘Add to Chrome’.
  2. After installation complete, an install option would be available for genyoutube, click it.

After it gets installed complete, a widget for download would appear on YouTube for you in your chrome. You just need to click the widget ‘download’ below the video, and it will download for you.

5. Genyoutube Unblock Videos

Genyoutube unblocked videos for peoples who were restricted in some areas by using their site. You can easily watch blocked YouTube videos by putting the word ‘gen’ in the URL of the YouTube video.

E.g., Suppose this is the URL of blocked video www. youtube…
Now add the word, ‘gen’ here such as www. genyoutube… and watch on genyt.

This site offers free video downloading for all types of video along with many interesting options for user ease like website, app, and widget. There are a variety of many video formats with high-quality videos that can be downloaded by this app using apkpure and uptodown in the mobile and PC. Although downloading YouTube videos is illegal but still it is in practice. Blocked videos can also be seen using it.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

1. Is GenYouTube safe to use?

If you are perturbed that genyoutube safe or not then let me tell you it is mostly considered safe to use because any case of malware has never been mentioned in genyoutube reviews

But careful whenever you see some advertisement on the website and try not to click it because we never know if it would lead to malware in your smartphone or system.

2. What is the safest YouTube downloader?

Following are some of the safest ways which can be used to safely download YouTube videos.

  • VideoHunter
  • 4K Video Downloader
  • SnapDownloader
  • iTubeGo
  • WinX HD Video Converter Delu
  • Allavsoft
  • YTD Video Downloader & Converter etc.

3. Is it illegal to download videos from the Internet?

It is an illegal move according to the Office of USA Copyright.

Further, any type of video content is illegal for download from the internet all over the world. It comes under piracy and may cause strict steps by law enforcement authorities to take over the person who is caught downloading illegally.


  • Genyoutube is one of the most reliable, free, easy to use, and best quality YouTube video downloaders which offers a wide range of formats.
  • You can download videos of High Quality.
  • It has a reputation for being secure, but we can never say this for free service websites so we should definitely always be very careful.
  • It is always wise not to overuse these websites and just download content whenever you must need something.
  • Never try to download if already a YouTube download option is available on the video.
  • Instead of installing a proxy for watching blocked videos, it is the best option to watch them as it is quick and saves time.



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