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ASO stand for App search optimization. In this article we learn what ASO is and how we can improve one app visibility of our app.

ASO is the part of Digital marketing. It is same as SEO like search keywords and learn how we can increase traffic for our product. But ASO only for applications not for websites.

2 Techniques for ASO:  

                Keywords: Find keywords for their content, with more traffic, more volume, and also competition. If you upload a new app you must use low completion keywords and that is my personal experience to get more traffic use high traffic and low competition words.

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                Asset of your app: Icon, Screenshot, reviews must be according to your marketing rules and must be your app related.  And that is the most commonly way to get more traffic.

Once you publish you must need back linking your app. Get paid reviews on your applications that is really helpful for your application traffic. Get reviews from A countries.

Real-Time ASO Tips

In my lifetime I do my job best in ASO, In my app description, I’ve used the best keywords related to my app but no got the best results from it. Why?

Sometimes we used the best icon for the app, but we select an icon related to our interest but what about USER interest? So, In my case, I’ve changed almost three-time app description on the Google Play store but no got the result… Then after some days, I changed my App’s icon and after that, I got magnificent results from it. So, In ASO (app search optimization), your app’s keywords rely on your Description with Best Keywords, Second your Icon because whenever your app appears in the user’s results so, the user sees your icon + Title and then clicks on your app.

In ASO digital marketing you must sure your app’s assets must attracting the user…

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