What does SB mean on Snapchat? | Definition, Use, and Alternate Meanings

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What does SB mean on Snapchat? SB is a slang term that usually refers to “ Snap Back “ on Snapchat.

When users on Snapchat want the person on the other side to respond to their snap in the form of another snap, they use the term SB. Still, this definition of SB is not universal and is only limited to Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a famous American multimedia messaging application launched by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in September 2011. Why Snapchat became a worldwide success because of its feature of disappearing messages after a short while. In other words, messages are only available for a limited time; they become unreachable to the recipient. The same feature applies to those pictures and stories the users share via the Snapchat app. This Feature of Snapchat made people feel that Users’ privacy would not compromise. Snapchat also earned popularity among teenagers due to its feature of allowing them to take photos with a variety of filters and lenses.

Snapchat allows its users to require their photos through several filters, which makes them look different and unique. This feature of Snapchat uses and is loved across the world. But Snapchat isn’t only about taking photos or making videos. It is far more than this. Snapchat additionally taking photos/making videos allows its users to seek out their friends on Snapchat, add them, send one another text messages, share stories and save memories. As time passed, Snapchat continued introducing new features, and their users got to call each other on Snapchat.

However, this didn’t remain limited to voice calls, and video calling was also introduced within a brief period of your time. Making groups on Snapchat for text messages where two people can text one another at a time is also one of its features. This feature of Snapchat isn’t just for text messaging; users can also voice or video call one another in groups.

How to use Snapchat?

Snapchat social media platform is no mystery to use. You should follow some simple steps to enjoy this app. Below may be a list of some basic steps for users of Snapchat.

  • Download the Snapchat App:
    You can easily download this social media app using apple or android. This app is free from any sort of virus which will cause any quite harmful to your device. Also, this app is free whether you’re downloading it from the app store or the play store.
  • Create your Account:
    After downloading complete, Open the app and tap sign in if you don’t have an account. You’ll need to enter your first and surname and your birthday. Then the app will ask you to settle on a username. You’ve got to settle on a unique username because Snapchat doesn’t allow two people to possess an equivalent username. For your ease, Snapchat also will show you available usernames. After choosing the username, set the password. Snapchat requires your email address and number to make an account. In the end, verify that you’re a human, and then you can use your account.
  • Add your Best Friends:
    After creating your account, you’ll search for friends who have made their Snapcode searchable. If you would like Snapchat to point out which people from your contact list are on Snapchat, then attend settings and permit Snapchat to access your contacts. Now you’ll see the list of individuals from your contact list who are using Snapchat. Add the people of your choice, and after they need to accept your request to befriend them on Snapchat, you’ll chat with them, can exchange snaps, and may do far more. Also, if you don’t want people to find out that you are simply on Snapchat, you’ll change your privacy settings.

Create your Bitmoji:
Since July 2016, Snapchat has introduced this feature from which you’ll create your personalized cartoon avatars. To form your Bitmoji, you only have to connect your Snapchat with a Bitmoji app, from which you’ll create a Bitmoji of your own choice for Snapchat.


How to Find Friends on Snapchat?

As already told, Snapchat isn’t only about taking photos or making videos; you’ll also socialize on Snapchat. Now the question arises how the user can find someone on Snapchat? The solution to the present question is quite simple. There’s quite a method to seek out someone on Snapchat. You’ll find your friends on Snapchat either by their

  • Snapcode
  • Username
  • Phone number

The simplest way to find someone on Snapchat is to find them through their username, but in case the username of somebody isn’t known, there are still ways to find them.

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Snapchat Gaming System:

Although Snapchat isn’t very fashionable for its gaming system, it’s one of those features which have attracted and convinced a lot of individuals to use Snapchat. Snapchat launched gaming in 2018. Most games on Snapchat are free, and playing them is fun. Also, Snapchat promises new games every week. Below may be a list of some best games on Snapchat :

  • Snap bowling
  • Tic tac toe
  • 3 in a row
  • Find my friends

So aside from chatting, Snapping, and streaking, users also can enjoy playing games on Snapchat.

Snapchat was introduced in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Snapchat is the foremost popular social media platform at the instant, allowing multiple features; however, its most loved and appreciated feature is how it cares about its user’s privacy. Using Snapchat is additionally dead simple. If someone wants to use Snapchat, he just must follow some simple steps ( already mentioned above ). In addition to the present, there are multiple ways to seek out someone on Snapchat to socialize. Snapchat also offers its users to play different games on the app, which are free.

What does SB mean on Snapchat?

Active Snapchat users send one another their photos, most likely taken from Snapchat, and call it “ snap “. Videos sent and brought via Snapchat also are called snap. However, when Snapchat users use the term SB, which otherwise can mean somebody but in Snapchat terminology, it means “ Snap Back “, it indicates that they want the opposite user to send their snap too, or in other words, they need an exchange of their snap within the sort of a snap.

Snapchat Terminology:

Like every social media platform, Snapchat also has its terminology, and SB on Snapchat is among those terms. Let’s take a glance at some basic terms of Snapchat :

  • Snaps: Snaps are those particular photos or videos you take from Snapchat and then send to your friends through the app. Recipients cannot save your snaps, and they become inaccessible to them after an allotted amount of time. You’ll also send your snaps to quote one person at a time.
  • Stories: a special section on Snapchat shows various people’s stories. You’ll also share your story on Snapchat. Your and other people’s story is visible for twenty-four hours, and then it gets deleted by default.
  • Streak: If two users of Snapchat exchange one another’s snaps within 24 hours, and if they continue this action for 3 days, this suggests they need to be started maintaining streaks.
  • Bitmoji: Bitmoji may be a personalized emoji of users’ own choice. After connecting Snapchat with the bitmoji app, users can create or choose a cartoon.
  • Geofilters: Geofilters is a feature on Snapchat that you would like to permit access to location if you would like to use it. Geofilters suggest more filters to support your location.
Snapchat bitmoji
Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

What is the Purpose of SB?

When users use the term SB on Snapchat, it means they need the opposite user to send them a snap, but what’s this aim?

Users do that because they want to take care of snap streaks ( generally called streaks ) with the opposite person.

Snap Streaks:

When two users exchange one another snaps within 24 hours and continue doing this for 3 days, they need to start streaks with the other person. It gives motivation to people to continue using Snapchat. Gaming is often one of the favourite features of teenagers. They see it as a logo of friendship. The more streaks they need with someone, the stronger their friendship is.

Snapchat Streak Rules:

Although Snapchat streak rules are simple, both users just got to send snaps to every other within 24 hours, and albeit one user forgets to send the streak, another can remind him just by sending him the text of SB on Snapchat. But certain interactions don’t count in streaks. Below may be a list of those interactions:

  • Chatting: Chatting is one of the foremost useful features of Snapchat, but if you’re having a text conversation with another person, it doesn’t count in streaks.
  • Stories: you’ll share stories on Snapchat, but you can’t maintain streaks through stories, albeit the other person has seen them.
  • Group chats: you’ll create groups on Snapchat where quite two people can talk/call at a time, but this doesn’t apply to streaks. Those snaps which you send to your group chats aren’t considered streaks.

Snap Streak Emojis:

It is not wrong to mention that Snapchat is 90 percent about emojis. However, there are certain emojis associated with Snapchat streaks. Let’s take a glance at the most common of them:

  • Fire emoji: This emoji appears within the chat of the opposite person once you know which person is maintaining streaks for 3 days. Your snap streak score with that person is written with this emoji within the chat.
  • 100: once you have achieved 100 streaks with the opposite person Snapchat automatically shows this check-in your chat with that person.
SB may be a slang term on Snapchat, suggesting that the user wants the opposite person to send them back a snap. Like every other social media network, Snapchat also has its terminology, and SB is one among those terms. However, there also are many other terms too. The actual purpose of SB is to take care of streaks with some rules, and there are some tips to take care of streaks too. There also are some emojis on Snapchat which are specifically associated with Snapchat streaks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some Frequently asked questions about “what does SB mean on Snapchat”.

Is there any age limit to using Snapchat?

Yes, there’s a regulation to use Snapchat. You have to be a minimum of 13 years old to use Snapchat. This policy was launched in 2011 when Snapchat was first launched. But still, in 2023, if you’re younger than 13 years, you’re not allowed to use Snapchat. However, despite this policy, there’s no age verification on Snapchat, which is why this policy has its minimum effect.

Can the username of Snapchat be Changed?

The username is the unique identification of each user of Snapchat. It’s also the simplest method to seek out someone on Snapchat. It’s chosen when creating an account on Snapchat, and it’s advised to settle on a username that you will be happy with later because once you’ve chosen your username, it’s impossible to vary it. However, if anyone still wants to vary their username, then the only way to do this is often to delete the old account and make a new one with a unique username.


Snapchat is a social media App ( a well-liked one ) launched by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in September 2011. Snapchat has many features: filters, lenses, streaks, voice calling, video calling, and group chatting. Still, its most appreciated feature is how messages sent via this app disappear after an allotted amount of your time. Using Snapchat is simply an easy process of following some steps.

All you would like is to download it from the app store/play store. Then you’ve got to make an account. Creating an account on Snapchat requires your email address and telephone number. Then you’ll create your bitmoji and may find your friends thereon. Snapchat also allows multiple ways to find someone thereon. Snapchat also features a gaming system. Although it’s not very fashionable but still liked and employed by many people. The topic was: what does SB mean on Snapchat?

It stands for the snapback. Its main purpose is to take care of streaks. Like every social media platform, Snapchat also has its language or terminology, and SB on Snapchat is one of those terms. Snaps, stories, bitmoji, streaks, and geofilters are some popular terms of Snapchat. Snapchat streaks are one of the most popular features of Snapchat, which has some rules, and also, there are also some tips available to enhance streaks. There also are certain emojis on Snapchat that are related to Snapchat streaks.

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