Some people are confused and even don’t know about UFS, and the storage type used in Mobile devices. When some people buy a new mobile phone they only see the camera’s result and look at the mobile phone. But the chip used in the device, the material used in the device, the storage chip, the RAM used in this device, Processor used in this device does not look that’s specs. Only see the Camera’s specs and buy the phone.

UFS stands

UFS stands for Universal Flash Storage and this storage chip only used in flagship devices like Samsung note and galaxy series, and Samsung was the first company to launch UFS chips in their smartphone.
So, what is UFS?
UFS is the storage chip that is used in Mobile phone devices. And this storage chip is most powerful than the eMMCs storage chip.

Advantaged of UFS

UFS storage chips provide you more power than eMMCs storage chips. If you compare the latest UFS 3.0 with the latest eMMC, UFS 3.0 gives a reading speed of 2100mb/s and a writing speed of 410mb/s. When you compare it to the latest eMMC 5.1, UFS has 6 x more reading speed.
And even in Gaming devices, the UFS storage chips provide you magnificent performance and this is the best storage chip for Gamers. That’s why most companies used these storage chips.
The latest version UFS 3.1:
UFS 3.1 is the upgrade version of UFS 3.0. UFS 3.1 was launched on 30th January 2020 with the same bandwidth and number of lanes. A new notification adds when the high temperature kills the performance of this chip.~
Some cell phones with UFS 3.1 storage are Poco F2 Pro, Realme X50 Pro Player Edition, Meizu 17, Vivo Nex 3S.

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