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What will be the next Amazon stock? The next Amazon stock is a major E-commerce Company. Amazon presenting such amazing stocks in our community where we’ve fun. E-Commerce is the top stock that can be one of the best growth stocks for 2021.

The next Amazon Stock:

We are making investment fun and not hard. Here we talk about the amazing growth stock for 2021. So the company which we’re going to talk about was one of the biggest IPOs in the year 2021. It is an E-commerce huge and that’s the reason why I am calling this company the next amazon.

E-Commerce the next Amazon Stock:

Let’s say the next South Korean Amazon for confidence. So the company which you are talking about is a coupon. Yes, guys this South Korean E-commerce is huge or the next Amazon or at least next South Korean.

The next Amazon Stock in 2021:

Amazon appeared in 2021 but the company is not that new the company actually started back in 2010 and is considered to be the equivalent to Amazon. That’s where the title is next amazon Do, Dash and Instacart in just one company and is growing at a rate of 90 percent a year.

The next Amazon stock:

This is a really good growth company and it’s been sought after by every major E-commerce company especially in South Korea. Of course, it’s always important to know as an investor the person behind the idea. Behind the business so a gift came who is the founder of this E-commerce giant coupon.


E-commerce Giant Coupon:

Because mimicked the US-based amazon that’s why I’m repeating again that’s why I called this business the next Amazon and. It was capable to make coupons a wild South Korean online retail space by slashing the prices. We’ll get onto that investing heavily in swift deliveries and this is one of the bullish points of this particular company.

Journey to the next Amazon stock:

In November 2018, he was able to raise two billion dollars from Softbank’s vision fund at a nine billion dollar valuation-making coupon. Korea’s most valuable privately held startup. In March 2021 Kim took a coupon publicly on the New York stock exchange.

E-Commerce Coupon:

We already know marking the huge listing of an Asian company since Alibaba in 2014. After G markets the coupons E-commerce site is at the 2nd rank. This shows that everybody in South Korea including their ex-pats love to shop on coupon via it’s easy to use.

Innovative E-Commerce Technology:

One-click away interfaces and this is also possible because of coupons’ amazing technologies and creative approaches to mobile E-commerce and that’s why they have made themselves possible to become an amazing growth company.

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Progress to the next Amazon stock:

Since 2018 they have shown a 4x growth and just since last year they have shown a 90 percent year-over-year growth. This will just continue to rise why well because we might expect that the pandemic actually helped coupon to get those numbers.

South Korean E-Commerce Coupon:

Yes, pre-pandemic and you can see that horns that South Koreans actually prefer online shopping more than going to a physical shop.


There’re some of the important points and the key factors which are helping coupon a lot.

  • The common reasons are convenience and good value.
  • The coupon is definitely giving a good value and convenience.
  • We will get on to that just in a moment.
  • The other E-commerce businesses especially coupons because of their fast delivery.
  • Rocket deliveries services because Koreans are known for a busy lifestyle and that doesn’t lend itself to things.

Online shopping in South Korea:

Like in-store shopping as willingly as it does in the United States and if you look at things like mobile phone perforation where 96 of the Koreans uses smartphones 40 of the Koreans or the groceries online. It gets a bigger market opportunity than you may assume.

The next Amazon stock’s progress:

If you are viewing the market from an outside perspective. It’s the very largest technology-enabled very busy lifestyle for which coupon has been invented and this gives coupon a lead over other E-commerce competitors

E-Commerce Convenience:

One of the major reasons why people shop online even though clothes by shop could offer an item right away is because of discounts and comfort. comfort is a keyword especially related to coupons and we’ll get on to that in a moment according to a survey by Korea internet and security agency, PC and mobile shoppers.

Payment Method:

A credit card is the preferred payment method. That’s why I don’t think in any way that this growth for coupons will slow down especially in South Korea. So if you combine all these aspects of amazon and Shopify you get coupons.

  • So coupon has differentiated itself by owning its whole logistics and delivery systems.
  • They have fulfillment offerings not different from amazon fulfillment.
  • They have also storefronts that they provide for business which isn’t different say Shopify.

Key Factor to the Next Amazon stock:

Lots of integration here on the E-commerce side but what is different about coupons and other key players in the Korean E-commerce business is that they own their own inventory for the most part. They’ve inventory sitting on their balance sheets. They’ve responsibility for growing that through but it also means that since they are directly negotiating with the manufacturers of these items.

Here is the list of some E-Commerce stock: The next Amazon stock

  • OZON.
  • QRTEP.
  • SE.(Sea Limited)
  • AMZN.(, Inc.)
  • BZUN.(Baozun Inc.)
  • ETSY.(Etsy, Inc.)
  • SHOP.(Shopify, Inc.)
  • CHWY.(chewy, Inc.)
  • MPNGY.
  • MELI.(MercadoLibre, Inc.)
  • JD.(, Inc.)

Better Amazon Service:

The next amazon means that this could be better than amazon in Korea in South Korea. So we can’t estimate the same because the US is such a big country. South Korea on the other hand is a bit of the size of the US and having built this supply chain to customers first.

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E-Commerce Service:

The investors have transformed the E-commerce industry at least in South Korea and have been introduced by Kupang. It is their dawn delivery services. Don delivery services mean that the customers. They give the customers to have access to convenience stores. But millions of items within just the span of hours. So the customers can actually order a product before midnight and they will find the product by early Dawn.

Dawn Delivery Services:

  • This gives their customers to have such a convenience over the product deliveries.
  • So the customer actually has the convenience to get their product at their doorstep.
  • The other best part about the don delivery services is the return procedure.
  • The return procedure is as fast as their delivery services.
  • All the customers have to do is just put back the product at their doorstep.
  • You have to contact the coupon.
  • Then the Copang delivery guy or takeaway guy will just come to collect the product.
  • Of course, the guy, the person, and the Copang service read the barcode.
  • Your money will be returned at the same moment of time.

Amazon stock per month monitoring

$100 Yearly ProgressStock Rating
December 201429,328
March 201522,717
June 201523,185
September 201525,358
December 201535,747


  • The transaction might take a while.
  • The process starts at the same instant as soon as the barcode is spread.
  • The product does not have to be even in the original packaging.
  • This is one more really good factor.
  • The product can be just bare.
  • You know unpacked at the doorstep with the backward and the backward should be readable.

Growing next Amazon Service:

And this is the reason why that’s how they have made this free return a pressure-free return for their customers and guys this is an amazing point and such services are actually helping the business to grow and guys, of course, they have made it possible because of their vast logistics network with more than 15,000 full-time drivers.

Kupang service Vs Amazon:

Over 70 percent of the Korean residents live within seven miles of the Kupang logistics center. This is a really positive factor that is helping Kupang to achieve its goals. Kupang is giving such amazing services at a monthly subscription of just 2.6 dollars. It’s quite cheap as compared to amazon prime at eight dollars. 4.2 Million Open users are actually subscribed with this subscription plan.

Logistic centers for the coupon:

We’ve to know that the free cash flow was consumed in the early years to build up these huge logistics centers. So we’ve to know that coupon has their own logistics centers which is actually a good point. So of course the cash flow was consumed to build up these logistic centers to do this dawn delivery.

Infrastructure of Logistic Centers:

You know fast deliveries were an early investment and the cash flow was consumed.

  • Now they are a very well-funded company.
  • They made the whole infrastructure and they will get an advantage publicly by being a publicly traded company.
  • They have got also shares. So a lot of investment is already there.
  • Now they have to maintain it.
  • There will be expenses for business operations and also for keeping these investments like trucks.
  • Their delivery trucks keeping the logistics centers building out more logistic centers constantly optimizing the supply chain operations.

IPO and how it works?

So we can also see that their accounts Payable increased from 1.5 billion dollars to 2.9 billion dollars. It bounces but I would say like this is like addressing before the IPO. You know so they’ve to maintain some cash on the balance sheet to look good before the IPO. It was maybe 1.2 billion dollars.

Long-Term Investment plan:

So guys when we’re looking into a business for long-term investment purposes we’ve to look into the business that:

  • Who are the investors?
  • Who is actually also believing in this specific business?

Opinions About The Next Amazon Stock:

  • The coupon opened up pretty high at 50 dollars after the IPO and after that, it came down which we’ve noticed before with other IPOs. As well so now last few days, it has come to grow to pretty decent levels at a share.
  • But still, this is quite a good entry point according. It’s quite a bit overvalued and that’s why I would be waiting at around 45 or 42 at this level right now.
  • But if he becomes below 40 dollars then I would definitely jump into this stock and open up an aggressive position but right now, my entry point would be around 45 to 42 dollars.
  • So, coupon of course has an astonishing revenue growth year over the year mainly from the year 2019 till 2020. A growth of 90 percent was phenomenal whatever the reason might be pandemic.
  • It is expectational growth and their chances of entering into a 530 billion dollar market and getting a good bulk of this market are pretty high.
  • Reason of their unique business idea with end-to-end integration and with this specific service and special integration method they can of course also enter globally which would be a huge step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: How Coupon as next Amazon stock has improved the net cash flow?

So, this is what is important for me to see for coupons as well since we are comparing coupons with amazon. The net cash flow really improved a lot, we can presume that the IPO actually helped Kupang but IPO really happened in 2021.

2: Is it good to invest in The Next Amazon stock coupon?

So one important factor to be considered regarding their balance sheet. We can see that their inventory actually boosts from 632 million dollars to 1.16 billion dollars. In times of pandemic, inventory can boost their total current assets are sitting at 2.8 billion dollars.


If it drops below 40 dollars I would be adding up more positions into coupons for the main reason. A coupon into my portfolio would be to get a small exposure to South Korea as an emerging E-Commerce market. I do think that in two to five years or more than five years this stock can definitely touch hundred Dollars.

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