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Tendered to Delivery Service Provider is the notification provides by a last-mile partner of the delivery service. This means that the parcel has been delivering near to your house’s post office. And the parcel is directly delivered to your doorstep without further intermediate steps

Tendered for delivery

Tendered for delivery is the notification given to the delivery service provider company when the order is for the shipment from the warehouse. You received many of these kinds of notifications when you check the delivery status of your order which is late.

When you see this status on your delayed order then it means your parcel is stack at the post office or is being delayed by the service provider company.

what does tendered for delivery mean?

So basically it means that your parcel is a dispatch from the delivery provider company and will reach your house door. You can call yo your parcel providing company in case you wait for more for your parcel.


What does tendered to the post office mean?

  1. Whenever you order something from parcel servicing companies like Amazon and Daraz. So, your order never comes to you in one step. It takes many steps or days to reach your home.
  2. After passing through all the steps it finally reaches the last mile partner that will finally deliver the parcel to you, maybe the next day or the same day.
  3. That last mile partner may be the post office near to your house. And after one day the partner hands over it to you.
  4. A tracking record that is sent to you from the shipper then notifies you that “your parcel is tendered to the post office”.
Tendered To Delivery Service Provider
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Tendered to delivery service provider FedEx

  1. FedEx is a global service U.S based company whose head office is in Tennessee. Its name FedEx is the abbreviation of the full name of Company ”federal express”.
  2. When a consignment tenders the notification is delivered to the service provider including the offer to convey the consignment. This occurs when the consignment is passed off to the United States postal service but the US not yet out for transportation.
  3. FedEx takes a long time to deliver your parcel, And the reason behind this is long-distance from your house.
Tendered to delivery is the notification that tells you about your parcel. When your parcel reached at last-mile partner so, the notification notifies you your parcel reached near to your house Post office.

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Tendered to delivery service provider 4px

  1. Tendered to delivery service is the notification that tells you your parcel is reached your nearest post office.
  2. 4PX is the worldwide express and this is the China-Based company that considers a high-ranked services provider company. It was started in 2004 and offers services related to software, planning, and organization, and the services related to software.

Why do DHL tenders to USPS?

  1. Tendered to delivery service provider simply means that the package that you have ordered from a service provider has been dropped off at the nearest post office. That package will be delivered to you within a short time. Yet, the time limit for different services is different to deliver the order
  2. DHL is the product import company. And delivers the products in approximately twenty countries if you order anything. For such large companies, they can’t deliver your parcel in one step.
  3. So, it passes off the parcel to transportation partners that arrives at USPS and then set off to be delivered at your local post office for final delivery at your doorstep.

What does tendered to mean?

Just suppose you order a bag from DHL or FedEx. So, Tendered to mean that DHL and FedEx company delivered your parcel to your nearest post office. And then the post office to be delivered to your doorstep.

What does tendered delivery service provider mean by DHL?

  1. Tendered to delivery service provider means that for the shipment within the U.S, from one state to the other, the consignment that you have ordered has been delivered to USPS by DHL.
  1. If once the consignment has been handed over to USPS, one may not be seeing tracking updates until he receives the package. As the multinational service providers can’t make the delivery possible directly at your doorstep.
For larger companies of delivery providing like DHL, FedEx can't deliver your parcel to your house. USPS is the last partner of the delivery stage he took your parcel and delivered to your house.

Frequently Asked Questions…!!!

When you order something, then there are many questions that arise in your mind about the tracking and receiving of the consignment. So, here are some of these answered Questions.

1. What is tendered delivery?

  • Tendered delivery means when your parcel is reached the intermediate partner of the Company like USPS so, the intermediate level partner notifies the company.

2. What does tendered to mean in FedEx?

  • Tendered to delivery service provider means that the package that you have ordered from some delivery service provider has been dropped off to the last partner of the transportation journey.

3. What does “arrived at facility partner” mean?

  • When you order something from a delivery service company, So they can’t deliver you directly they must have a partner to deliver your parcels to your house. This happens especially in the case of multinational service providers such as FedEx and 4px etc.


  • Tendered to delivery service is the notification means the parcel that you have ordered from some multinational company has been passed over to the local post office of your area.
  • The post office is the last partner and then after one day, you received your parcel.
  • Most high-ranked companies like DHL, FedEx provide users a tracking number to track their parcels.

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