Samsung Exynos 2100 is the Latest flagship Processor introduce by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with Exynos 2100. But in the United States and China, this galaxy comes with Snapdragon 888 5G. So, here we compare this Two version of the Device.

Both of these processors come with 5nm technology. With ARM CPU cores in the same arrangement 1+3+4 and also have 5G moderns.


Both have the same arrangement of Processors but Samsung Exynos 2100 is the winner in this category as all of its CPU core are clocked higher than Snapdragon 888 processor’s core.


Both GPU Features come with new and latest technology based upgrades. Samsung Exynos 2100 comes with Mali-G78. But we know about Mali-G78 in Exynos 1080. But it depends on the number of cores used in the CPU. We also know that kirin 9000 comes with a 24-core GPU but still behind the Adreno 660 GPU in the snapdragon 888. So, in this category Snapdragon 888 wins.

But Don’t forget that this is only a paper Comparison not real world comparison like Gaming performance, heating.


But on the other next Samsung Exynos flagship processor comes with AMD GPU.


In this category, Samsung Exynos 2100 comes with triple NPU boasts and this boasts up to 26 Trillian operations per second. But on the other hand, the same figure Qualcomm for the snapdragon 888’s Hexagon 780. So, this category is a tie.


Both processors come with built-in 5G modern. Samsung does not say that its new Wi-Fi technology but it should have Wi-Fi 6 support.


These comparison based on paper. But in real world usage give us more info about which Processor is better.

Tell me your opinions about these processor in comments.. 🙂

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