There are some pretty lovable dogs within the Nintendo universe, mostly from the social simulation series Animal Crossing. You had K.K. Slider, the free-spirited, music-loving Jack Russell Terrier with a sophisticated outlook and a heart of gold. you furthermore may have Isabelle, the bubbly, hardworking Shih Tzu with a sort and altruistic nature. Both of those dog characters undoubtedly deserve all the love and praise we’ve given them. But how could we possibly forget about Pappy Van Poodle?

Ever heard of Pappy Van Poodle? What a tragedy. Well, unless you downloaded Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball on the Nintendo 3DS and played the sport in a very specific way, you almost certainly never would’ve to encounter Pappy Van Poodle.

Throughout the Nintendo universe, there are many hidden gems and Easter eggs to be found. However, most of those Easter eggs are well documented throughout Nintendo internet forums and fan pages. Pappy Van Poodle, on the opposite hand, appeared to be completely lost from the planet until recently, when a particular YouTuber revisited Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, found Pappy, and has since brought him to the extent of fame and admiration he deserves. Since then, Nintendo fans are calling for Pappy Van Poodle to possess a more prominent place within the Nintendo universe

This article will take a glance at the mysterious figure of Pappy Van Poodle and why the web has fallen crazy with him.

Who Is Pappy Van Poodle?

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was released exclusively in North America in 2014 as a free-to-play game within the Nintendo 3DS eShop. While the sport itself was liberal to download, players had to get mini-games with real money to progress through the game’s story. so as to get mini-games, players had to shop for them from Rusty Slugger, the most character within the game. There was a catch, however. You could haggle with Rusty.


Mini-games started at the worth of $4.00 in real USD, but ol’ Rusty was a reasonably poor negotiator, and would usually offer you a much better price. Obviously, if you’ll pay significantly less money for mini-games, you would. That’s just a fiscally responsible decision. In fact, if you even attempt to pay Rusty the complete price, one among his children will appear on the screen and remind you that you simply can haggle him down. However, during this rare case, being financially savvy had a big drawback: you’d miss out on the chance to satisfy Pappy Van Poodle.

Pappy van poodle

If you select to pay Rusty the complete price whenever instead of haggling, Pappy Van Poodle and one among Rusty’s children will appear in Rusty’s sports shop where he sells you the mini-games. Of course, only a few players had ever met Pappy Van Poodle before, considering that paying extra money than you’ve got to maybe a blatantly illogical decision.

Any player who did plan to play Rusty’s initial selling price was treated to 6 additional cutscenes featuring Pappy, a jolly, old, overweight dog (presumably a poodle, although he doesn’t really appear as if one). In one among the cutscenes, Rusty describes Pappy as a “neighbor, businessman, and mentor” to him. the 2 of them have apparently known one another for 20 human years. That’s like 140 dog years, right?

In another cutscene, Pappy describes himself as an unofficial team mascot and a father figure to Rusty. He says that he once cheered for Rusty’s team with such gusto that he ended up throwing his back out. He even gives flowers to Rusty at one point to point out how strong their bond is. While Pappy Van Poodle remains a reasonably mysterious character, one thing is for sure: Pappy’s an honest dog.

There was also a Japanese version of Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball that was released in 2013 during which Pappy also appears. the Japanese version of Pappy glided by a special name, had a rather different backstory, and is wearing a special outfit from his American counterpart.

There are not any clear indications of where Pappy Van Poodle’s name came from. Could it’s that Nintendo developers were tipping their hats to Pappy Van Winkle, the founding father of the self-named Kentucky bourbon company? It seems pretty unlikely, but who knows?

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How Pappy Van Poodle Went Missing

From the time that Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was launched until 2019, anyone typing “Pappy Van Poodle” into a Google search bar would are met with a “no results found” message. It seems that nearly nobody had ever encountered Pappy within the game, and anyone who had had never posted online about him. As a result, this extremely lovable character existed in complete obscurity for about 5 years.

All of that changed when YouTuber Nick Robinson made a video exposing Pappy to the planet. The video went into detail about whenever Pappy was mentioned within the game, and the way exactly players could meet Pappy for themselves. Nick discovered Rusty by redownloading Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball on a Nintendo 2DS XL, which essentially allowed him to realize access to all or any mini-games without having to pay. This gave Nick the power to ascertain what would happen if he paid Rusty the complete price whenever. As a result, he discovered Pappy and has since brought him back to the famed position he deserves.

There have been rumors that others discovered Pappy before Nick; however, these rumors are largely unconfirmed. What is not up for dispute, though, is that there were no Google search results for “Pappy Van Poodle” before Nick released his video on YouTube. 

The Rebirth of Pappy Van Poodle

Since Nick Robinson released his YouTube video, the web has been filling up with more and more Pappy-related content. There has been an explosion of dialogue and fanart posts about Pappy on Reddit and other forums, there are countless subsequent YouTube videos made about the mysterious character, and there’s even a petition online to feature Pappy Van Poodle to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

A crossover fighting game created by Bandai Namco in conjunction with Nintendo, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gives players the choice to get Challenger Packs, which permit them to import new characters into the sport. A petition recently posted on is looking for Nintendo to make a replacement Challenger Pack including their most obscure character ever, Pappy Van Poodle.

Does anyone actually need to ascertain this cute, old poodle getting shot with Link’s arrows or being engulfed within the flames of a Falcon Punch? I feel I might feel pretty bad for him. Nonetheless, I do think that Pappy deserves a bigger stage to shine on than his six-scene cameo in Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. Perhaps Nintendo could make an adventure game centered entirely around Pappy? I’d play it.

pappy van poodle image

The idea that a personality as lovable as Pappy Van Poodle could are lost from our collective consciousness for five years is mind-boggling. And it begs the question: what other Nintendo Easter eggs could be hiding out there in their more obscure games? Could there be some hidden cat-like character just waiting to grace our Nintendo Switch screens? I assume there are just one thanks to finding out…

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