Everything you need to know about Oxygen OS 11

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Oxygen OS is one of the largest software overhauls we’ve seen from OnePlus. You also want to know about new features that come with this update. Below, we introduce all the new Oxygen OS 11 features and details you need to know.

Oxygen OS 11: New UI

In the UI department, this new update provides us best UI in the OxygenOS update. This UI is a mixture of Samsung One UI and android stock. A significant component of the updated interface is the new OnePlus Sans font, which the company says increases readability.

The best news is that the new OnePlus update provides a new interface to make it easier to use with one hand. These designs run throughout the phone but not in settings.

Elsewhere, you’ll notice that the company’s design team has tweaked the location of some navigation buttons and other interface elements.


OnePlus is now adding always-on display features in the new update. Always-on-display is something the company’s fans have been wanting for years.

Most people love to use the Always-on-display idea. There are many designs for your always-on-screen display.

Improved dark mode

OxygenOS 11 new update makes different interface elements more legible and easier to differentiate when Dark Mode is active.

This update also comes with a scheduling dark mode option. And this can automatically turn on and off the dark mode. You’ll also have the option to quickly toggle Dark Mode from the Quick Settings menu, which you can access by pulling down the notification shade.

Android 11

Oxygen OS 11 builds on the features of Android 11. This update comes with enhancements, as in the latest Google mobile OS.

Eligible OxygenOS 11 Phone

OnePlus announced which devices its plans to update with the stable OxygenOS 11 in early January 2021.

  • Complete — OnePlus 8T
  • Complete — OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro
  • In beta now — OnePlus Nord
  • H1 2021 — OnePlus Nord N10/N100
  • In beta now — OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro
  • In beta now — OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro
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