The tradition of cheesemaking dates back at least 7,000 years, which we all know from chemical analysis of clay pottery found in Poland and Croatia that means the pots were used to make cheese. However, some believe that the tradition may have started even 1,000 years earlier, as certain holed pots found in Switzerland from that point period are hypothesized to be cheese-strainers. Whenever the practice of turning milk into cheese began, it’s certainly been happening for a long time.

Well, some people believe that cheese was invented during an accidental event when a traveler was carrying milk in the stomach of a ruminant animal. Rennet, an enzyme that is found in these animals’ stomachs, may have caused the milk to coagulate and separate into whey and curds. And whatever reason the traveler decided it is a good idea to eat these curds. Thus, people began intentionally adding rennet to milk to create curds, and the tradition of cheesemaking was born.

Cheesemaking definitely has taken some primitive forms in its history. cheesemaking all over the world experiment tries to make different recipes with cheese. There are over 1,800 different kinds of cheese in existence today. And everyone likes it even the Most Expensive Cheeses also loved by People.

We all know a few varieties of cheese: cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, feta, ricotta. Maybe you’re even familiar with more ostentatious kinds like brie or camembert or Roquefort. However, the fancy cheese can’t compare with the most expensive cheese in the world. People have come to appreciate the art form of cheesemaking to such a degree that they’re willing to pay astronomical prices to get a taste of some of the rarest cheeses in the world. 

Here is the list of Most Expensive Cheeses in the world:

1: Pule

The pule is the most expensive cheeses in the world. Thank the fact that only around 50 to 70 kilograms of the stuff are produced every year. And only about a third of that ever makes it to the open market.


These cheese are produced on a small nature preserve in Zasavica, Serbia founded by Slobodan Simic. And this method has been followed since the 1700s. The milk comes from the specific Balkon Donkeys that live on the preserve, and there are only 130 jennies in the entire herd. Donkeys mils contain more than 60 vitamin C in comparison with cows. And less than 1% of the total fat content, which is what gives Pule its extremely unique flavor. Donkey milk also renowned for its health benefits.

The donkeys are milked three times a day, but each milking yields little milk. And each pound of cheese produced require three gallons of milk. That’s why the preserve is only able to produce a small amount of Pule.

most expensive cheese

The current price of the Pule cheese is about 600$. But can be an increase in the open market.

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2: Moose Cheese

The Elk House (Europeans call moose “elks”) in Bjurholm, Sweden is the only producer of this extremely creamy and savory variety of cheese. They make three different kinds of cheese from the milk. The Names are Gullan, Juno, and Haelga. This moose lactate once a year from May through September, and are milked once a day yielding about three liters per moose per day. 

Moose can be rather dangerous animals if they’re not dealt with correctly and stressing these moose out can cause their milk supplies to dry up, so the Johanssons, the owners of The Elk House, must deal with these three moose sisters very carefully. However, the Elk house is only one place or farm that produces moose’s milk for cheese.

most expensive cheese
Photo by NastyaSensei from Pexels

Moose Milk, that milk is full of protein and has a fat content of about 12%. Moose milk feta cheese is the best product of Elk house, and the starting price is $500 per pound. 

3: White Stilton Gold

If you thinking about his name, yes it has gold in it. Made by only six diaries in the united kingdom. This cheese is made from the already-expensive white Stilton variety, but is pumped full of edible gold leaf and real gold-cinnamon schnapps.

The designation of Stilton is already protected by the U.K. government, which means this cheese is only allowed to make in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom. And within those counties, only six creameries are licensed to produce White Stilton Gold. 

White Stilton Gold sells for over $400 per pound.

4: Bitto Storico

Bitto Storico is produced by only 12 different cheesemakers in the Valtellina Valley of Italy. This cheese produce by the milk of cows. And the cows that graze in the Bitto River Valley and from 10% to 20% Orobica goat’s milk from the Bergamo Alps. 

The cows are given no extra food, they eat entirely off the land, and there are no additives whatsoever in the cheese. The production process can only take place from the beginning of June to the end of September due to the climate, and it begins with the milk being heated in copper cauldrons over wood fires that are set on the mountainside. The season in which the milk was collected for Bitto Storico can have a profound effect on the flavor since the cows graze on different kinds of foliage at different times of the year.

most expensive cheese

The price of Bitto Storico is as much as $150 per pound.

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