How to Make a Limited Profile Facebook and how does it work?

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What Does Limited Profile Facebook Mean? Facebook permits you to connect or communicate with anybody you want — but it also offers you options to control access to your personal information for those you don’t trust. Namely, Facebook provides you the option or settings to display a limited profile to certain users.

Limited Profile Facebook

Generally, your Facebook profile shows your photos and posts, information about your work & education, and a list of your interests and hobbies. When you configure your restricted profile, you can choose which of these you do and don’t want users you designate as being “limited Profile Facebook” to see. For example, you can block access to your contact information or your list of employers and schools to people who need to learn from you.

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How to Limit Access on Facebook

Facebook permits you to limit access when you befriend someone. When you add someone as a friend — or, if he adds you as a friend, when you accept his request — click “Add to List” and select “Limited Profile Facebook” to limit him or anyone. Doing so will permit your friend to access only your limited profile. You can change this later using the “Privacy” menu under the “Account” menu at the top of your Facebook.

Limited Users

Facebook users you ordain as being limited don’t receive any notification that they’re only allowed to view your limited profile — and they won’t be allowed to find any sign of this by browsing your Facebook page, so you won’t have to worry about them being offended. The only way a Facebook user can know she’s viewing a narrow profile is if she views your profile through the account of someone who isn’t limited.


The Facebook Chatbox is at the bottom of the window and allows you to chat with other users in real time. It’s also possible to make use of your limited profile here. Namely, you can configure Facebook Chat so that users who can see only your limited profile don’t appear in your list of online friends — even if they’re online — and you won’t seem in theirs. Click “Limited Profile” under the “Friend Lists” tab within the Chatbox and then click the green and white bar next to “Limited Profile” to “Go Offline” to friends designated as being limited.

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