L484 pill is a white-colored, capsule-shaped tablet with the imprint L484 on it. It is named Acetaminophen 500mg. It is available in Kroger, an American supermarket. L484 pill belongs to the miscellaneous analgesics class of medicine. The active ingredient within the L484 is Acetaminophen referred to as paracetamol. L484 pill is for relieving mild to moderate problems, such as headaches, menstrual cramps, toothaches, backaches.

Size16 mm
Strength500 mg
Drug ClassMiscellaneous analgesics
CSA ScheduleNot a controlled drug
IngredientsCorn Starch, Stearic Acid, Polyethylene Glycol, Hypromellose, Carnauba Wax, Povidone

What is the purpose of the Imprint Code of l484 Pill?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires an imprint code on every authorized prescription and over-the-counter, all types of drugs in the United States. It also mentions biological and homeopathic medicines unless the FDA Code of Federal Regulations 206.7 delivers them. Capsules and other relevant drug items intended for oral administration as solid oral dosage types such as Narcotic Analgesic IP110.

You need to drug if:

You misplaced it or mixed it up in a pillbox or case, and you’ve found out, in your home or somewhere else. You should double-check a medication from a pharmacy that appears to be a generic substitute.

Imprinting has the Aim is to allow law enforcement officers, and patients or caregivers to identify the pill ingredients and drug maker.
When mixed with the product’s size, shape, and color, the imprint code allows for the drug product identification, active power, and the manufacturer.


Every single letter, number, or combination of letters and numbers, business names, the National Drug Code, or a label, sign, emblem, or monogram, is considered an imprint.

Ingredients and the power of the drug must be checked before the establishment of the product. Although not needed, including a letter or number in the imprint is recommended as a more efficient means of identification than a manufacturer’s symbol or logo alone.

It is also possible, Two items would have the same code. An imprint code let’s see an example, can be reused after a drug product has been canceled. It’s also conceivable that a foreign product’s code matches an FDA-approved imprint.

Mechanism of Action Of L484 Pill

The white L484 pill brings down the discomfort by raising the pain threshold. It also not affect inflammation. This medicine works for lowering the temperature by doing on the brain’s heat-regulating axis. As the body’s temperature rises, it instructs the brain’s heat-regulating core to brings down the body’s temperature.

Prostaglandins are shaped by the enzyme cyclooxygenase. Prostaglandins are lipids that turn out when tissue is damaged or infected.

Prostaglandins regulate infection, blood flow, blood clot production, and childbirth induction. It will cause pain, and inflammation when the prostaglandin out-turn is strong.

As the output, Acetaminophen can be used, suppress prostaglandins production to the body and brain.

What is the best way to take L484 pill?

  • As instructed, take the L484 pill by mouth. Follow the product’s instructions to the letter. L484 pill or Acetaminophen is out there as a pill, chewable tablet, capsule, suspension, prolonged tablet, and tablet that dissolves rapidly within the mouth. Acetaminophen is additionally available, as a rectally administered suppository.
  • Don’t take quite the prescribed dose of this drug. An acetaminophen overdose can harm your liver or even kill you.
  • Use Pediatric L484 pill Acetaminophen if you’re treating a toddler. Just use the dose-measuring dropper or oral syringe that came with the pediatric type you’re using. Fulfill the dosing instructions on the prescription carefully. To seek out the right dosage on the merchandise package, use your child’s weight. You’ll use your child’s age instead of their weight if you don’t know their weight.
  • Children under the age of 12 can’t receive quite five Acetaminophen doses in 24-hours. Use only the prescribed amount of milligrams per dose for the child’s weight and age. Follow the instructions.
  • Pain killers perform well if they’re used as soon because the first signs of pain appear. The drug won’t function as well if you wait until the symptoms have increased up.
  • Before each dose of a suspension, shake it vigorously. Some liquids don’t need shaking before use. Follow the product’s instructions carefully.
  • If you’ve got a fever, don’t take this drug for quite three days unless your doctor tells you to. Unless advised by your doctor, don’t use this medication for quite ten days in adults and five days in children.
  • Dissolve one packet of Acetaminophen effervescent granules in a minimum of 4 ounces of water until using. Stir altogether and drink it alright away. Add a little more water to an equivalent container, stir gently, and drink directly to make sure you get the prescribed dose.

If you feel any of the following symptoms when taking Acetaminophen, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. If you have a skin rash, a persistent headache, nausea, vomiting.
  2. If your symptoms worsen, contact your doctor.
  3. After two days of use, you still have a throat infection.
  4. After seven days of five days of use, If treating a child, still have pain.
L484 Pill Dosage
This is reasonable for the following qualities: 160 mg; 80 mg/0.8 mL; 160 mg/5 mL; 500 mg; 650 mg; 80 mg; 325 mg; 500 mg/15 mL; 120 mg; 120 mg/5 mL; 325 mg/10.15 mL;; 10 mg/mL; 650 mg/25 mL; 80 mg/mL; 500 mg/5 mL; 500 mg/5 mL; 48 mg/L; 650 mg/20.3 mL; 80 mg/5 mL

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L484 Pill Side Effects 

L484 pill has some side effects besides its beneficial effects.
If any of the following side effects arise when consuming the L484 pill, contact your doctor As soon as possible:

  • Ulcers, or white patches on the lips or within the mouth.
  • Irregular bleeding.
  • A quick drop by the volume of urine.
  • Strange fatigue or weakness.
  • Yellowing of the eyes.
  • Lower back pain.
  • A patch on the skin, or scratching on the skin.
  • Pharyngitis which isn’t existing before treatment.
  • Fever with or without chills.
  • Bloody, tarry stools, bloody or cloudy urine.

If you experience any of the subsequent overdose symptoms when taking the L484 pill, So communicate with your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Nausea or vomiting.
  2. Pain within the upper abdomen.
  3. Stomach area swelling, tenderness

While giving in therapeutic 1 dose, the L484 pill is generally well tolerated. Nausea and constipation are the foremost frequently recorded side effects. The 4 substance has been associated with injection site pain and injection site reactions.

If your doctor has authorized this drug, confine in mind that he or she has set on that the advantage to you overshadows the danger of side effects. The seniority of patients who take this medication doesn’t have any severe side effects.

  • Grown aspartate aminotransferase within the hepatic (1% to 10%).
  • Grown hepatic transaminases are uncommon (less than 0.1 percent).
  • Non-reported frequency: Fail in the liver.
  • Anemia and postoperative hemorrhage are two hematologic disorders that occur (1 percent to 10% of the time).
  • Serious skin reactions, like severe systemic exanthemata’s pustulosis, and toxic epidermal necrolysis (less than 0.1 percent).
  • Pemphigoid reactions, pustular rash, and Lyell disorder are rare (less than 0.01 percent).


Average (1% to 10% of the population): Dyspnea, irregular breath sounds, respiratory failure, hypoxia, pleural effusion, dyspnea, wheezing.


Normal (1% to 10% of the population): Hypotension, Tachycardia, and pain are all symptoms of peripheral edema.

When to Avoid the L484 pill?

If you feel any of the issues, which discussed below, You should not take this drug, and meet up with your doctor:

  • Acute liver failure.
  • Issues with the liver.
  • Shock is disarray in which the body is unable to maintain a sufficient blood supply.
  • The heavy dose of acetaminophen causes acute liver inflammation caused by the hepatitis C virus.
L484 pill is used to relieve mild to moderate pain (like osteoarthritis, or cold/flu aches and pains) as well as to lower fever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many questions in the mind of people regarding L484 pills. Some questions are answered right below.

Q1. Is L484 the same as Tylenol?

Yes, Acetaminophen and Tylenol are the same product. Acetaminophen is the common term for McNeil Consumer’s Tylenol brand name drug. Acetaminophen is a painkiller used for headaches, muscle pain, and toothaches, as well as colds.

Q2. What is pill L434 used for?

Pseudoephedrine and Triprolidine 60 mg per 2.5 mg which is available in white, rounded pill with the imprint L434. Perrigo Company is the manufacturer.

Q3. What drug is best for severe pain?

As in result, for several forms of pain, including severe pain, Acetaminophen is a safe choice to try first. Inquire with your doctor about any other drugs you can stop when taking Acetaminophen.


The L484 pill is an oval-shaped pill that gets its name from the unique identifier from each pill. Kroger Company is the manufacturer of this drug. This L484 pill is roughly 16mm in diameter and contains 500mg of Acetaminophen. Headaches, stomach pains, toothaches, slight inflammation…

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