is infinity A number
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What is Infinity?

  • It’s not big
  • It’s not huge
  • It’s not tremendously large
  • It’s not highly humongous enormous
  • It’s Endless!

Is infinity a number? Not quite. “Infinity is not a number. It’s the fantasy of something endless, of going on ever, rather than a number.” In 1655, the English mathematician John Wallis invented the symbol of infinity, which looks like 8 that has been tripped over on its side.

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Infinity (∞) is an abstract term that has describes something that has no end. It is not a real number. There are endless limits! Infinity can be used as a number on occasion, but it doesn’t behave like a real number. When you see the infinity symbol (∞), think “endless” to help you to understand.

For example ∞+1=∞
Which states that infinity plus one is also still equal to infinity.

If anything is infinite, you can add 1 or anyone number, but it will still remain infinite.
The most significant aspect of infinity is that.
∞ < x < ∞


Which is mathematical shorthand for “minus infinity is less than from any real number, and infinity is greater from than any real number”

What are Irrational Numbers?

An “Irrational number” is created when mathematics produces an infinite sequence of numbers. The square roots (√) of prime numbers are infinite irrational numbers.

Irrational numbers, like (Pi) and √2 (square root of two), are very helpful in real life for calculating perfect shapes (Let’s take some example: a perfect curve, like one contained in a circle, can only be calculated with an irrational “infinite” number). Infinity is a mathematical word that can be approximated using numbers or interpreted using symbols and functions.

We can not write the square root of two, that’s why we just use 2, we can not write Pi’s irrational string of numbers, that’s why we just use √2, we can not write the irrational string of numbers that is Pi, that’s why we just use π, we can not write out an infinite set, but we can define {…, -1, 0, 1, 2, …} and put it to use.


We might be thinking of infinity in terms of “really big numbers” in math, but infinity is a concept, not an actual number. That’s it if we forget something relates to “Infinity is a number” please tell us in the comment section.

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