How to Screenshot Netflix? | Easiest ways to Screenshot Netflix 2023

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How to screenshot Netflix? This is a common question among Netflix users who wish to save certain scenes or images from the platform. To take a screenshot, you can use a snipping tool or the “Windows + Print Screen” command. However, when you are watching a movie or show on Netflix, the platform does not allow you to take a screenshot, so there is no easy option to do so.

This restriction is in place to prevent the unauthorized copying of content available on the Netflix platform, which is a concern for many websites. By prohibiting the capture of the screen, Netflix aims to protect its intellectual property and prevent piracy.”

How to Screenshot Netflix on a Laptop?

Although it is clear that Netflix does not allow screenshots, some users may still wonder how to capture screenshots from Netflix. In that case, one solution is to run Netflix through a sandbox. Here are the steps to take a screenshot on Netflix using a sandbox:

  1. Download a sandbox.
  2. Install the sandbox on your PC.
  3. Run your PC browser in the sandbox.
  4. Browse Netflix and play the show or movie you want to screenshot.
  5. Pause the show or movie where you want to capture the screenshot.
  6. Press the Windows + Print Screen button.
  7. The screenshot will be saved on your laptop or computer.

What is a Sandbox?

Sandbox is an application that enables running other applications on a PC. Once it is installed on a PC, the user needs to run their browser in the sandbox. This will enable them to easily take a screenshot of Netflix or other applications.

 It is worth noting that Windows has a built-in sandboxing function, which eliminates the need to install a separate application, as long as the user is running Windows on their PC.

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How to screenshot Netflix on windows?

Netflix typically does not permit users to capture screenshots to prevent plagiarism of their content. However, if you want to learn how to take screenshots on Windows while streaming content on Netflix, here are some methods that you can follow:

Using Print Screen Key

The first method to capture a screenshot on Windows is by using the print screen option. The keyboard usually has a “Prt Sc” key located on the top right corner of the first row. In some cases, the print screen key might need to be activated directly. To do this, you will need to use the function key in combination with the print screen key to take the screenshot.

Windows + Print Screen

The aforementioned keys are utilized to capture the entire screen, and the resulting image is saved in the screenshot folder. Subsequently, you can crop and edit the screenshot to suit your specific requirements and needs.

Press Print Screen

Some versions of Windows have an option that allows users to capture screenshots by pressing only the print screen key, without the need to press any additional keys. Once captured, the screenshot can be pasted into other programs or locations that support image display, such as Microsoft Word, among others.

Alt + Print Screen

By using the “Alt + Print Screen” keys, you can capture the screen of the currently active window.

Windows + Shift + S

Another method to take a screenshot is by using the “Windows + Shift + S” keys. Pressing these three keys simultaneously enables the user to select a specific portion of the screen that they want to capture.

Once the keys are pressed, the screen will dim, and the mouse pointer will change. The user can then select the required portion of the screen, and the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard.

Using Snipping Tool

If you are looking for another way to take a screenshot of Netflix or any other application, you can use the Snipping Tool in Windows. This in-built function provides an easy and efficient way to capture screenshots. To take a screenshot of a specific scene in a show or movie on Netflix, simply pause the content and use the Snipping Tool to capture it. 

Unlike other methods, you do not need to paste the screenshot first as you can directly save it as an image. Here are the steps to follow when using the Snipping Tool to capture a screenshot:

  1. Click on the start menu and search for the Snipping Tool in Windows.
  2. Select the type of screenshot you want to capture by choosing a “mode.”
  3. Click “New” to fix your screen, and use your mouse to capture the desired portion of the screen.
  4. To complete the action, click “File” and then “Save” to save the screenshot.

Using the Game Bar

To capture a screenshot from Netflix, you can also use the Game Bar feature provided by Windows. The Game Bar can be easily used to take a screenshot.

  • First, open Netflix and the show or movie scene you want to capture.
  • To bring up the Game Bar overlay, press the Windows + G keys on your keyboard.
  • Next, click on the camera icon or use the keyboard shortcut Windows + Alt + Print Screen to capture the screenshot.
  • The screenshot will be saved in the Captures folder with the name of the video or show you captured it from.

How to Screenshot Netflix on iPhone 2023

How to capture a screenshot from Netflix is a query of Netflix users when they want to save scenes from Netflix. While capturing screenshots from some Netflix movies or shows is not allowed by the Netflix app and there is no option to do so, pirating Netflix content or content available on other sites may concern many internet sites. 

Thus, to avoid such actions, Netflix doesn’t allow capturing the screen, which is beneficial. Here are the steps to assist you in recording on an iPhone while watching the show on Netflix:

  1. Open Netflix App.
  2. Choose the show you want to capture the scene of.
  3. Run the show and find the scene.
  4. Choose the scene that hides the play button and hold it for a few seconds for the rated thing to disappear.
  5. Then go to the home screen and start recording but make sure that only Netflix is running at that time.
  6. Wait for the recording to finish and then go to the photos file to edit the scene you just recorded.
  7. After editing, save the video.
Netflix screenshot
Netflix screenshot

How to Screenshot Netflix on Mac 2023?

Many Netflix users often want to capture their favorite scenes from Netflix, but capturing a screenshot on Netflix is not an option. Netflix does not allow capturing the screen, as pirating the content available on websites like Netflix is a concern for many internet sites. 

However, if you have a MacBook, there is a short key to press, Shift + Command + 4, to take a screenshot on Mac from Netflix. Once you press this key combination, your mouse will become a variety of tools, allowing you to select the area you want to capture. 

You can then save and edit it according to your desire. Short keys are the only way to capture screenshots, as Netflix doesn’t give any option for screen recording to avoid pirating content.

How to Screenshot Netflix on Android 2023?

Android users may wonder how to take a screenshot while watching their favorite show on Netflix. Although Netflix doesn’t offer many options to record shows to prevent piracy, there are ways to capture a screenshot if you pause the scene you want to capture. 

The main tool for capturing screenshots on laptops or computers is the Print Screen key. For Android mobile phones, an app called Mobizen can be used to take screenshots on Netflix. 

By going to the settings and changing the recording to internal, you can take a screenshot while running the show you want to record. However, it is clear that Netflix does not allow recording any clip to prevent piracy of its content.


While it is true that Netflix does not allow screenshots, it is still possible to capture them using certain tools or methods. However, it is important to note that pirating or sharing copyrighted content is illegal and can have serious consequences. 

It is always best to respect the terms and conditions set by streaming services like Netflix to avoid any legal issues.

No website wants to be used for pirating its content, and the same is true for Netflix. As a global platform, Netflix must protect its content from being used elsewhere without permission. 

That’s why Netflix doesn’t allow screenshots or screencasts. In my opinion, Netflix has every right to do this in order to protect its intellectual property.

It should be noted that you cannot take screenshots directly from the Amazon Prime video while watching on mobile. However, if you are watching the video on a laptop or computer with Windows, you can take a screenshot using the snipping tool. Windows has an option for the snipping tool within its functions.


“How to screenshot on Netflix” is a question that is frequently asked by Netflix users when they want to save their favorite scenes from the shows streaming on Netflix. For those using a laptop or computer with Windows, a snipping tool or Windows + print screen can be used to capture the screenshot. On an iPhone, to take a screenshot, one should run the show, go to the home screen, start recording, but make sure that only Netflix is running at that time. 

The screenshot will be saved in the images, where you can further edit them. However, it’s important to note that once you’re watching a movie or show on Netflix, it’s not permitted by Netflix to take screenshots or screencasts due to the possibility of piracy. No website or app wants their content pirated, and so, to prevent such actions, Netflix doesn’t allow screen capture, which is clearly for their benefit.

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