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Premium Snapchat! As we know when a person sets his account as premium Snapchat he can set his own privacy on his account. He can share his images only with his selected friends. It is a kind of your ordinary and regular Snapchat account to which you can make more private for your work.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an app that available on both Android and IOS. It is an American multimedia app. Its feature is that pictures and messages are available for a short time to the viewers. Snapchat developed by Snapchat. inc.

How make a Premium Snapchat account?

A lot of people usually think about making a premium account and earn money. An how people earn from it? Snapchat is usually used for sending intimate photos.

How to make a premium Snapchat?

Making a premium account on Snapchat is for some reasons like share business details. In simple words, we can say that for the premium part of Snapchat, we charge and take money from viewers.

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How to use a Premium Snapchat Account?

A premium account is a regular Snapchat account, you don’t need any other application to used a premium account. You just need to set your privacy settings and pay for this and you will get paid by those who want to see your private content. Many celebrities used this account and in return, they get paid for their shared post.


How set Premium account setting?

You have to install the Snapchat application on your device from any App Store or Play Store. Set your username on the application. Go in settings and set all you’re setting. Then go in story setting and set the story view setting to my friends only that who can see your story. Next, go to your contact settings and set them to those whom you want them to message you. In this way, your account is on Premium setting and you can share content with those, whom you want to share. Then you can charge a premium for your shared post. It is now up to you that how much you charge for your post.

Premium account users

Premium users and regular users are the same users. Because regular users also used the same platform and application of Snapchat. But the only thing that is changes is privacy settings. Regular users also become premium users when they change their privacy settings.

Conceptualization of Premium Part

The concept makes users earn money by him and get benefits. Premium Snapchat allows you to make your content private and only to show those people whom you want to show. And this is the purpose and reasons for premium Snapchat.

How we can Access Premium Snapchat?

So, How we can access premium account. The answer is when we want to see content of premium account so, first we pay for them and then we can access account easily.

How we can pay for a Snapchat premium account?

So, There are many different ways to pay snapchat premium accounts.

Payment Methods

  1. PayPal

    We can pay using PayPal account.

  2. MoneyGram

    We can pay using MoneyGram account

So, there are many other ways that we can use to pay for premium accounts. This transaction directly goes to the account holder’s account. And Premium account holder shows his content for that payment. There is no assurance that how long you’ll have access to them. That’s the policy of Snapchat.

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Some Questions from users!

#1 the Best Premium Snapchat?

So, The answer is it is no difference between the premium account holder and regular only privacy policy is changed by the account holder. So, when you set your privacy policy in your settings you also become a premium account holder person

How do you cancel Premium Snapchat?

You need to unsubscribe from your premium account if you want. It will not be canceled automatically by deleting or closing the app. Here is the need to cancel it with the proper method.

To cancel this;

For iPhone users

  • To be able to change or cancel your subscription, open your iPhone and go to:
  • Settings
  • iTunes and AppStore
  • Press Apple ID (at the top of the page)
  • View Apple ID
  • Sign in to iTunes

You will now be able to view all your subscriptions and manage them and to make and cancel any account subscription from here.

For Android
To change or cancel your subscription, open Play Store.

Go to Open the Main Menu > Account > Subscriptions > Sleep Cycle, and here you will be able to manage the subscription and also cancel from any account as you want.


How make a Premium Snapchat account? So, in this article, we see how we make our premium account. And how we earn from him. Premium account is made by adjusting settings and then share your content and in return get paid for it. 

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