How To Inspect Element On Mac Using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox With Easy Steps

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How To Inspect Element On Mac? Inspect Element is a component for any UI or UI engineer investigating the UI or making transitory changes to HTML or CSS content.

This element is pre-actuated for Chrome and Firefox programs and can be seen with the correct mouse button. So, Inspect feature must first enable Safari users running on a Mac before they can check web items easily.

How To Inspect Element on Mac?

1. How To Inspect Elements on Mac using Safari?

  1. The first step is to enable the developer menu. To do that, open a Safari browser and click Safari → Preferences.
How to inspect element on Mac
How to inspect elements on Mac
  1. Click on Advanced. And then, select the Show Development menu in the menu bar check box.
How to inspect element on Mac using Safari
How to inspect elements on Mac using Safari
  1. The Inspect Element feature is now enabled. To cross-check, one can open any URL in Safari and right-click the mouse button to check if the option is enabled.
Inspect Element Enabled on Mac
Inspect Element Enabled on Mac

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2. Open Inspect Element on Mac

Following guidelines guide you to how you inspect any website on your Browser.

  • Open the website you’d want to inspect.
  • Right-click and select Inspect.

3. How to inspect Element on Macbook air?

Right-click on any part of the page and click on the Inspect Element. Right-clicking on a particular page element opens that element in Inspector view easily. Select Tools → Web Developers → Inspector on the top menu bar. You can also use the shortcut control-shift-C on Windows and command-option-C on macOS.

4. How to open Inspect Element on Mac?

When inspecting the styles or attributes of a DOM node, right-click the element and select Inspect. And you can also press Command + Option + C (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + C (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS).

5. How to Inspect Element in Safari Browser in Windows?

On the Safari menu bar, click Safari → Settings and select the Advanced tab. OR right-click and press “Inspect Item.”

6. Inspect Web Page Elements

Do you recall how to open the Inspect Element? Right-click and click Inspect Element or Command + Option + I on Mac or F12 on PC. So In the search field, you can enter whatever you want to search for on this web page, which will be displayed in this pane.

7. How to Permanently Edit a Website with Inspect Element?

Visit an internet page where you would like to form permanent changes. Switch to the Sources panel in Developer Tools. Click on the icon with the two arrows pointing to the left and choose Overrides from the menu. Select “override configuration” and choose an area folder where you would like to store overrides.

How to get Inspect Element on the iPhone?

  • You first need to open Safari on your iPhone and then open which website you want to inspect.
  • After that, open Safari on your Apple Mac. You should activate the Developer menu by selecting Safari → Settings → Advanced → Show Development Menu in the Menu Bar check box.
  • Then, You should now see the Expand option in the top menu bar. Click on it to see the option iPhone. Hang your cursor over it to see your iPhone’s currently open page in Safari.
  • Then, click the page to display the Web Inspector window for the iPhone page. Is it cool?
  • The better feature is that when you highlight an item in the Web Inspector, it assists you in highlighting it in real-time on your iPhone. That means you know what you are inspecting when looking at the elements.

How to Remove Inspect Element?

Right Click. F12. Ctrl + Shift + I. Ctrl + Shift + J.

Inspect Element Developer Tools

One of the simplest ways to examine a selected web item in Chrome is to easily right-click on that particular item and choose the Inspect option. Clicking on the Inspect option within the context menu will easily open the developer tools, including the editor, console, sources, and other tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some Queries related to “How To Inspect Element On Mac?”.

Why can’t I Inspect it on my Mac?

Simply enable the Show Developer Menu on the Advanced tab of Safari Settings. Just Right-clicking on the page enables the Inspect Element option.

Can you inspect on safari?

Yes, In your Safari menu bar, click Safari → Preferences, then select the Advanced tab. You can also right-click and press “Inspect Item.”

Where is the menu bar on Mac?

The menu bar extends across the highest of your Mac screen. Use the menus and icons on the menu bar to settle on commands, perform tasks, and check status.


Once you learn about the basics of your browser’s inspect tool. You may realize how much information about your favorite websites is publicly available. If you still need clarification about How To Inspect Element On Mac, please let us know, and we will clear up your confusion. 

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