How to fill out a MoneyGram money order? A postal order from MoneyGram should be filled call in order to guarantee that the invoice is obtained and processed efficiently. MoneyGram postal orders are often filled easily in only four steps. By filling within the recipient’s name, writing the address on the purchaser’s line, adding an account number, and signing the front of the cash order. Detailed methods are discussed in this article.

Methods of filling out a MoneyGram Money order

Steps you have to take while filling out a MoneyGram money order:

  1. Obtaining a MoneyGram money order.
  2. Careful filing of MoneyGram money order.
  3. Dispatching MoneyGram money order.

Obtaining a money order

In order, how to fill out a MoneyGram money order? we ought to know the places from where we can get money orders. Money orders are easily available from the below-mentioned places:

  1. Banks and credit unions.
  2. Western union branches.
  3. Stores and pharmacies.
  4. Grocery stores.
  5. Supermarkets.

1. Confirm that you can make your money order payment

Money orders are a transfer system that gives a promise to the customer that they too will get payment. And once you pip out, you buy the money order upfront, you’ll not cancel the payment as you are doing with a MasterCard fee, and therefore the balance can’t drop like a fake bill. While it’s a really safe mode of payment, as a way of payment, not all businesses or individuals would consider money orders.

2. Search for the MoneyGram branch

If you don’t recognize wherever to look out one in your space, you’ll use the search possibility on the company’s internet site. Simply enter your address and check the box that matches your service has to notice a branch that will provide you with what you would like. relying on why you would like your bill of exchange, you must check either “Send Money” or “Pay a Bill.”


3. You can also send your money order online

MoneyGram provides an online postal order alternative if you’re unable to seek out an appropriate spot, or if you only don’t have a chance to explore the branch face to face. Again you can ask the receiver to make sure that this sort of payment is approved rather than an immediate postal order.

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Steps to fill out a MoneyGram money order

How to fill out a MoneyGram money order? In order to know the answer you should have to go through the basic steps which are:

  1. Write the name of the recipient.
  2. Writes your own address on the purchase line.
  3. Write the account number of the company to which you are paying.
  4. On the front side, sign the money order.

1. Recipient Name

  1. Try to make sure that you clearly wrote the recipient’s data and properly spell it. If you create an error, you’ll not make adjustments to the money order. the sole person or organization allowed to deposit or collect the cash order would be the receiver.
  2. It is an honest idea to finish this section as quickly as possible to form sure that it doesn’t fall flat the cracks and to make sure that the name is pronounced correctly in order that the receiver has no trouble cashing it.
  3. Try to make sure that you accurately describe the recipient’s data and appropriately spell it. If you create errors, you’ll not make adjustments to the cash order.

2. Writing address on the line

  1. Your real identity is additionally needed often. Putting your address permits the recipient (wherever they deposit the cash order) to contact you if they have to substantiate that it’s real or if there’s a drag.
  2. Some cash orders raise you to write down your name moreover. US mail cash orders have a line for your name on top of the lines for your address. It’s best to use your full legal name.

3. Account number/Name of receiver

  1. Many cash orders have an additional line that says Payment for, Account range, or note. If you’re paying a bill, you’ll write your account range on this line to help the recipient grasp that accounts to credit. you’ll additionally leave a note on this line, or just leave it blank if you don’t would really like it.
  2. Some cash orders have a “payment for/account number” field. Filling it out helps make sure your account is attributable for the payment

4. Sign the money order

  1. Your signature is significant here, as a result of it makes the cash order official. don’t sign the rear. That space is for the one who receives it.
  2. The final line on the front of the cash order is usually for your signature. This line might say Purchaser’s signature or just buyer. within the case of MoneyGram, the signature line conjointly says Signer, or Drawer. Not all cash orders need your signature. as an example, it isn’t necessary to sign an independent agency draft.

Receipt of the money order

Depending on wherever get the cash order, can either have a detachable receipt or the seller will merely provide you with a separate receipt. Inform stay this as proof that you just purchased one of the cash orders. You’ll want it if your order of payment is lost or purloined and you’d wish to undertake and acquire a refund. For this, it’s important to understand the way to fill out a MoneyGram money order?

You can conjointly use the receipt to trace your order of payment and see if it’s been deposited. To try to do this, you’ll want the serial range, chase range, or order of payment range written on the front and thus the actual quantity of the cash order. Chase an order of payment will price additional, though. You’ll expect to pay a minimum of $5.

Receipt of the money order
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Above mentioned methods have complete and detailed information about the way to fill out a MoneyGram money order? You've got to accumulate, fill then send the money order. While filling, you've got to write down the name of the receiver, your address, account number, or the name of the person whom you're sending then sign the cash order.

Online sending of Money Order

After you understand, how to fill out a MoneyGram money order? you can also send your MoneyGram online by considering following basic things

1. Enter Fundamental information

Two drop-down options and a text area are going to be displayed on the primary display. Choose the state during which the receiver will collect and send the money order from the very first menu, labeled “Send To,” accompany “Pick Up Any Agent-USD” below “Receive Option.”

In the third area, labeled “Amount,” enter the quantity to be charged to the receiver. Also if you submit a dollar sum, like $25, add a decimal and two zeroes to signify that no cents are payable: 25.00.

2. How long it takes? 

The amount of the transfer fee you’ve got need to pay can rely upon how briskly you’d like them to method and send your payment. If you utilize a debit or master card to make your payment, MoneyGram will method your money order among concerning ten minutes. However, if you’d wish to use your checking account to urge hold of the cash order, it’ll take them three business days to method it.

3. Associate MoneyGram account

If you’ve got already got an associate account, enter your email address and watchword to log in to their system. If you’re unaccustomed to MoneyGram, you’ll need to check-in for an associate account by coming to your email address.

  1. On successive screens, enter your name, sign, asking address, date of birth, and thus the last four digits of your social welfare range.
  2. Uncheck the box that claims “Yes, I’d wish to receive promotions and special offers from MoneyGram” if you don’t wish to induce emails from them.
  3. Create a watchword for your account.
  4. Click the button that claims “No, thank you. don’t recruit pine State in MoneyGram Plus” if you’d wish to choose that program.

5. Add personal payment information

At the rock bottom of the screen, you’ll be prompted for your payment info. If paying by card, you’ll need to be compelled to supply your card kind — MoneyGram solely accepts Visa, Mastercard, and determine cards. Then, fill in your card variety, the expiration date, and also the CVV variety. If paying alongside your bank account, you’ll have to be compelled to supply the name of your bank, your account kind, your routing variety, and your account variety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to fill out a MoneyGram? and many other questions like this are answered here.

1. What ID is needed for MoneyGram?

Verify that your recipient features a legitimate photo ID and intrinsically the username on the ID fits the name you gave when the cash was sent. Make sure, because it exists on your official ID, your name on the wage structure must perfectly fit your name. Prerequisites can differ consistently between the state and agent.

2. How does MoneyGram verify identity?

Verify that your recipient features a legitimate photo ID and intrinsically the username on the ID fits the name you gave when the cash was sent. Make sure, because it exists on your official ID, your name on the wage structure must perfectly fit your name. Prerequisites can differ consistently between the state and agent.

3. Can MoneyGram block you?

MoneyGram retains the right, or not, to do trade with an entity. It all hinges on why they blocked the guy. When it comes to fraud or other strange activity, it may be a definite prohibition.


Money orders area unit a secure substitute to money which can be accustomed send cash to an individual or company while not having the requirement of a bank account. The answer to the question of how to fill out a MoneyGram? is well explained during this article. Here may be a brief overview:

  • To fill out a draft, you’ll need to put in writing out your info likewise the knowledge of the recipient before language your name.
  • After filling out your draft and creating a payment, you’ll get to stay your receipt for chase likewise as for proof of purchase just in case your draft is lost or taken.
  • Unlike personal checks, cash orders area units pre-paid fully before being issued. owing to this, the recipient of a legitimate draft will rest assured that it’ll not bounce after they move to money it.
  • You can get money orders easily from banks, supermarkets, and stores and after following the essential methods you’ll easily transfer your money within no time.

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