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Do you have problems with Google Play? So, let’s talk about how we can resolve it.

Google Play waiting for download pending error: We all have issues with Google Play at one time or another. One of the frustrating is to try to download the app. And the problem Is the download pending indefinitely. But we are here to help! you to resolve this problem. Here are some common fixes to the notorious Play Store download pending error.

Check Downloads and Updates (Current Apps)

Most time this error comes when you download apps simultaneously and Google play shows you a pending error. And your old app may possibly update its version so, why do you see an error download pending.

But if you want to download urgently like download the Uber app to get a ride. So, here is the solution to how you can fix it.

Google play update
  • Go to Google Play > Menu > My apps & games.
  • You will see which applications are in the process of being updated or downloaded.
  • Just press the X next to their name to cancel the download and proceed with getting the app you urgently need.

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Check your Connectivity with you Network

Open a website on your PC to check the speed of your connection. If it seems to be working but it’s slow, either restart your modem or contact your ISP. So, it’s working fine but Google Play is still not working well so, switch to data temporarily.

app network download preference

Here is the Steps to change the network of your Mobile Phone.

  • Head to the Play Store and then tap on the menu button in the upper left corner (three lines).
  • Go to Settings > App download preference > Over any network.
  • If downloading resumes as normal, your home or office network is to blame. Restart your modem and if all else fails, call your Internet service provider.

Also Check your storage and SD card

A common problem for Google Play is the lack of storage in your device or SD card. You will receive a notification from the Google Play store when you download apps to clean your storage.

android 10 storage

Restart your Device

If you aren’t downloading anything on your device and your network working fine so, restart your device ASAP. It May be helpful in error (google play waiting for download).

Clear Google Play app Cache and Data also

So, If the steps above did not help. Then Clearing the app cache of the Google Play Store app often solves a lot of problems, download pending issues included. And solve (Google play waiting for download) error.

These are my tips and tricks on how to fix the dreaded “download pending” Google Play error. Did I help you solve the problem? Do you have other solutions that worked for you? Let me know in the comments.

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