How to take screenshots on the Google Pixel 6 — A step-by-step guide

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Google’s latest Pixel line is finally here. If you have snagged a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you’ll wish to take the larger, upgraded displays, batteries, and Tensor chipset in the Pro for a spin. Although, you should familiarize yourself with the basics, especially if you haven’t yet used Android 12 or a Pixel.

This brief guide explains the best methods to take a Google Pixel 6 screenshot.

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How to take a Pixel 6 screenshot

1. Use the Pixel 6 series’ buttons

Possibly the easiest way to take a screenshot on the Pixel 6 series, as with all Android phones, is by using the physical buttons.

  • Navigate to the content you want to capture.
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume down keys. And let go of the buttons once when you see the screen flash. The Screenshot is now saved to your Pixel device.
  • A notification will also appear at the bottom of the screen, where you can share, edit, or delete the shot.

2. Take a Pixel 6 screenshot without buttons

Alternatively, you can use a shortcut on the Recent apps screen. It’s a method that’s possibly more time-consuming, but it’s an alternative worth knowing.

  • Navigate to the Recent apps page using the bottom swipe-up and hold gesture.
  • Scroll through your opened apps till you find the one you wish to screenshot.
  • Tap the Screenshot at the bottom left.
  • The Screenshot is now saved to your Pixel.
  • Like the method above, the Recent trick permits you to edit or share the Screenshot after seizing it.

3. Take a scrolling screenshot

If you wish to capture an entire webpage or a list of menu items, you can easily use the scrollable screenshots feature. It’s pretty easy to do.

  • Capture the Screenshot using one of the two methods above.
  • After that, Tap the Capture more button to extend the screenshot size.
  • Before saving, you can also crop the Screenshot as your wish.
  • Hit Save.

But, If you don’t see the Capture more button, the app doesn’t support scrolling screenshots, and you won’t be able to grab content beyond that visible display.

4. Use Google Assistant

Using the Assistant to take a screenshot on the Pixel 6 series is perfect if you’re otherwise occupied or can’t physically reach the device.

  • Activate the Google Assistant by saying, “Hey Google.”
  • Once the Assistant is awake, say, “Take a screenshot.”

If this doesn’t work immediately or the Assistant doesn’t understand your command, check if the Assistant is allowed to take screenshots.

  • Open Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Default apps > Assist & voice input.
  • Toggle on Use screenshot.

Where are my screenshots stored on the Pixel 6 series?

You can easily find all screenshots within Google Photos once you’ve captured or edited them.

  • Open the app and tap the Library in the bottom right corner.
  • Find the Screenshots folder down the Photos on the device section.
  • You can also edit and share your screenshots from this page.

This is how to take screenshots of the Pixel 6 series. Let us know which way is your favorite in the comments below.

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