Facebook Not Loading Feed? | Here’s How to fix it in Just a Few Seconds.

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Facebook Not Loading Feed? Facebook is unquestionably not a new thing, but it’s still one of the most frequently used social apps and the best way to retrain in touch with people who matter. The company is doing a lot in its power to make the platform more aerodynamic and user-friendly.

Despite their diligence, Facebook still faces some problems, and the frequently common one concerns the newsfeed. There are cases when it doesn’t load at all, or when it’s just loading old data in circles.

This incident may happen on the web platform or mobile applications, and there’re many possible reasons why it happens. In this article, we’ll explore them all and provide solutions.

How can I fix the Facebook not Loading Feed?

1. Check Your Internet Connection

When only the least data was required for Facebook to work correctly in the past, they have upped their data usage over time, so your internet connection is the best location to start. A fast and steady connection is now ​the standard, so the slow one almost unquestionably results in the feed not loading. So, Download the Speedtest application for desktop or Android and check your connection speed before moving on to other possible causes.

2. Different Time Zone

If you have an incorrect time set on your mobile app or PC, there is might possible reason. Facebook is taking your device’s time as the primary parameter to work, so if that time is not checked out with your geographical location, the site will get confused. It’s the main issue that usually occurs if you are switching time zones, but checking if the time and date are correct on your device takes less than a minute. Don’t underrate this possibility since it can turn out to be the fastest fix of them all.

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3. It’s a Bug

Before You start checking your device and excavating deeper, think that bugs are normal occurrences in apps, and Facebook is not immunity. Serious bugs are able to make Facebook servers stuck or even cause them to go down in your region. That’s why you should check if the servers are working all right on Down Detector.

That happens more frequently than you might think. If Facebook is under sustaining maintenance, that means downtime for both desktop and mobile platforms as well.

Yes, Facebook affluently monitors its apps for bugs and technical issues and struggles to release patches accordingly. So, if it’s not underneath, an update might be the solution. Definitely, visit the App Store or Play Store to check if there’s one available to update.


If you see, Instead of “Open, “you’ll see the “Update“ button. Install the update instantly since it can fix the newsfeed loading issue.

But still, If an update isn’t available, there’s a chance you’ll get rid of corrupted files by reinstalling the app. So, choose “Uninstall,“ then go back to the Store, download again, and install it. Now, instead of “Open,” you see an “Install“ button.

4. Insufficient RAM or CPU Power

If the loading is fine on your desktop but not on your smartphone, so there’s a high chance that the problem is in your smartphone specs. The Facebook app needs both a lot of storage space and meaningful processing power. But that shouldn’t be a problem because smartphone technology has come a long way. But, if you’re using Facebook on an old smartphone, you probably feel a lack of CPU power to support the Facebook app.

If you can’t buy a new smartphone at the moment, You can also convert to Facebook Lite – the version of Facebook that loads exceedingly fast because it uses much fewer data. Even if you have an older phone, this version should make Facebook work like a beauty.

If your mobile phone does have enough CPU power, the barrier might be your RAM. If you tend to run too many apps concurrently, they could be a battle for the RAM and slow down your phone. You should close all the apps and relaunch Facebook.

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5. Cache & Data Overload

But, If CPU power and RAM are not the issues, maybe you’ve ended up at the threshold of Facebook’s cache memory and data. So, to clear cache and data, open Settings, and find the Facebook app on your Installed Apps list. Then tap the “Clear data” option at the bottom of the screen. Next, choose “Clear cache” and “Clear all data” in succession.

Facebook Storage setting

After you relaunch the Facebook app, the app should load seamlessly again. Clearing cache and data could also remove all the corrupted files, so we suggest this before uninstalling the Facebook app.

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6. Adjust Your Preferences

There is also a possibility that your feed is updating just good, but you only have the impression it’s not because you see old posts. So, that means you haven’t adjusted your preferences. There is also an option that permits you to select between “Top Stories“ and “Recent. “

You can also define your favorites even further by tapping on “Edit preferences“ below. There you can set only what you want to see first. That’s where you can easily select all people and pages you wish to see.

On your mobile devices, you’ll have to need to dig a bit deeper. So, tap the Menu icon, followed by “See More.” Scroll down to search the “Most Recent” option. Just tap on it and, it’ll automatically update your news feed.

Facebook Edit preferences


There are many chances behind Facebook not loading feed. Occasionally, your internet connection or devices are to blame. And other times, however, it’s because of technological issues Facebook is undergoing. Finally, some are simply the result of badly set Newsfeed preferences.

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