If you are beginner ASO, so read my articles for starter ASO.

ASO (App Search Optimization) is digital marketing for the google app store. How we can get higher traffic on the app.

1: Keywords Research: First you search your app-related keywords. There are many platforms where you can find keywords for your app. appAnnie, google keyword planner, Check ASO are the tools where you can find your app-related keywords. The keywords you find must be low competition and higher traffic. That means if they are low competition so, your app may rank these keywords. Many people asked me how to rank our apps. The sweet and short answer is Keywords. If you use the best keywords for your app then you get Organic users.

These are also Keywords

2: MetaData: The most important for your app is metadata. Not only keywords increase your app traffic. You also need complete metadata to increase traffic. First app’s icon, a user how to find your app the only way icon if your app has a beautiful and attractive icon. So, how we convert users, (Screenshot) when a user clicks your app then Screenshots help you to convert your users. MetaData (Keywords) is the backbone of digital marketing.

  1. Title
  2. Icon
  3. Short Description
  4. Long Description
  5. Screenshots
  6. In-app purchase
  7. Video

Title: Use keywords for your app’s title. Title help you to get higher traffic for your app. Title for your app must be unique and attractive from other apps.


Icon: Make attractive and interesting icon for your app.


In this article we discuss about App search Optimization. If you have any question and query ask me in comment section and contact me. Thanks.. 🙂

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