Where Do I Find the Clip Tray on an Android Phone?

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Clip Tray, also referred to as the Clipboard, is a feature that has been available on Android devices since at least 2012, when it was introduced in the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Its primary purpose is to assist in temporarily storing information in the device’s memory. With Clip Tray, you can conveniently save both text and images, and paste them as needed.

The number of items that can be saved at once varies based on the device, but generally, up to 20 items can be stored. The Clip Tray option can be easily accessed via your device’s keyboard. Simply press a key, and a menu will appear, from which you can select the Clipboard option.”

What is a clip tray?

Clip Tray, also known as the Clipboard, is a function that allows us to temporarily store text and images in memory, which can be pasted as needed. It can store up to a maximum of 20 items, depending on the device. The Clipboard feature can be accessed via your device’s keyboard, and it’s a convenient tool for managing multiple items you need to copy and paste.

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Where is the clip tray icon on the mobile phone?

Typically, you can find it on the keyboard of your smartphone. However, there are other methods available to access the Clipboard as well.

  • Tap and hold on the text box where you want to paste your copied or cut text or image.
  • An options menu will appear, and one of the options will be Clipboard.
  • Tap on the Clipboard option to view and manage your saved text and images.

How to find a clip tray on your LG mobile phone:

On LG Android phones, accessing the Clipboard is not available through the Clip Tray function. However, there are alternative ways to access it:

  1. Tap and hold the blank text box area, and then select the paste option to paste the copied/cut item.
  2. There is no delete option available on LG smartphones, and if you copy or cut another item, it will overwrite the previous one.
  3.  Another option is to install the Clip Tray app from the Google Play store, which functions similarly to the built-in app. However, this app will take up additional storage space on your device.

How to Delete copy text from the Clip Tray?

Android smartphones offer various clipboard options, enabling you to save and delete text or items as needed. Here’s how to clear the Clip Tray:

  • Access the Clipboard via the Keyboard in the message option and Google search.
  • Tap and hold the search bar on Google; two options will appear. Click on the Clipboard.
  • Once the Clipboard area opens, you will see a dustbin icon. Click on it to delete.
  • In the Clip Tray, you can select and delete any text or items you no longer need.

How do you copy two items in the Clipboard and save them in one place?

Sometimes, sending multiple items to someone can be challenging, especially when the items include documents like a CV, cover letter, and experience letter. Copying and pasting each item one by one can be tedious and frustrating. Fortunately, the Clip Tray feature can make this task easier. Here’s how:

  1. Copy the link address of your CV and cover letter from Google Docs, or if they are saved in Word format, copy the file.
  2. Click the link to the website where you want to share your portfolio and copy the link.
  3. Go to the platform where you want to share your portfolio, open the keyboard, and tap on the Clip Tray option in the bottom row.
  4. Here, you’ll see the items you copied. Tap on the file you want to paste and send.

With Clip Tray, sending multiple items to someone is quick and easy, making the process hassle-free.To understand it more clearly, watch the video below

Clipboard for windows 10

Windows 10 offers a Clipboard feature, which enables users to copy and paste text and images for future use. Here are some key points about this feature:

  1. The Clipboard can be accessed by pressing the Windows key + V simultaneously on your keyboard.
  2. If your Clipboard is not enabled, you can follow these steps to enable it:
  3. Go to the home screen of your Laptop or PC.
  4. Press and hold the Windows key and click the V button.
  5. A screen will appear on your right-hand side, where you can enable it.
  6. Clip Tray, also known as the Clipboard, is available on both mobile phones and PCs.
  7. The primary function of the Clipboard is to temporarily store copied text or images for future use.
  8. The Clipboard can be accessed from messaging apps or any other app that has a keyboard.


Your Android keyboard has a “Clipboard” option that allows you to view a list of items you’ve copied within the last hour. In addition, Android 13 has introduced a new “Visual Clipboard” feature that displays a preview of each item you’ve copied. Tapping on an item in the visual clipboard also provides the ability to edit the copied text or image.

Clipboard captures are stored in the device’s temporary memory and are not saved as files on the hard drive. Therefore, you cannot access the Clipboard contents by opening a file at a specific location. To access the copied content, you need to use the PASTE function, which is designed to retrieve the information from the Clipboard and paste it into your desired location.

Ensure that your clipboard history is turned on. To activate it for the first time, press the Windows logo key + V, and then select the “Turn on” option.


Clip Tray and Clipboard have the same function, allowing us to temporarily store text and images and paste them where needed. This feature is available on various platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, and can also be accessed on Windows 10 and MacBook. If your mobile phone doesn’t have this feature, you can download it from the Google Play store for Android devices.

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