Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Technology changes our life and makes easy from its new innovations. We focused on every innovation and want to share with you this provide us happy whenever we share with you knowledge about new and latest innovations.

clip tray

Where Do I Find the Clip Tray on an Android Phone?

Clip Tray also known as clipboard, is a function that is available on both Mobile Phones and PCs. Clip Tray helps us to save...
best mobile mmorpg

Top Best Mobile MMORPGs For Android 2022

MMORPGs are funny things. They have the ability to put you in a vast world with thousands of people. You can play with them...

What is AntiLand? | Is AntiLand safe? | Ultimate Guide.

AntiLand is a secure smartphone app that permits its users to chat privately and securely with strangers via secret chat rooms. It is a...
Sweatcoin To USD

Sweatcoin To USD Guide | Buy and Sell Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin To USD? 1 Sweatcoin charge is $0.01 USD. So, as per this, 100 Sweatcoins are equivalent to $1 USD. Unfortunately, there is no...
how to follow someone on amazon

How To Follow Someone On Amazon | Here is How to Work?

How to follow someone on amazon? You can easily follow someone on Amazon by heading to “Accounts and Lists” on the main page and...

2nm chip: IBM has already designed the world’s first

IBM has unveiled the world's first 2nm chip. A 2nm chip will “quadruple” battery life on smartphones, requiring users to charge their phones every...
visa provisioning service

What is Visa Provisioning Service | Debit Card | How Does It Work?

Visa Provisioning Service is the activation of mobile payment on the mobile phone. Transit operators, financial institutions, and network operators use this Visa Provisioning Service...
bookfi alternative

10 Bookfi Alternative for Free eBooks and Audiobooks

Bookfi is a free Russian-based eBook library, that offers free eBooks on different topics. This free eBook source is used by many students and...
how to delete reddit history

How to Delete Reddit History: Deleting Posts & Searches

How to delete Reddit history? Reddit is a news-sharing platform where you can comment, post, and share your discussions. Deleting your history now is...
Limited Profile Facebook

How to Make a Limited Profile Facebook and how does it work?

What Does Limited Profile Facebook Mean? Facebook permits you to connect or communicate with anybody you want -- but it also offers you options...