How to Cancel Avast Subscription | Auto-Renewal Subscription 2023

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How To Cancel Avast Subscription: Avast Antivirus is truly something that takes the edge when offering you a good deal of protection against viruses and other malware attacks on your computer. Although, there are perhaps situations where you would want to cancel your Avast subscription and opt for some other antivirus solution.

Before you stop Avast auto-renewal and cancel your Avast subscription? The process provided here should assist you in the task. Some amount of payment deducted from their a/c may make them uncomfortable. If you get confined in such a similar situation, switch to Customer Support without any gap. Here, the trained buddies will tell you how can you easily cancel your services. You can also try it on your own. Later in this blog, the whole process for canceling the package and claiming a refund has been explained. Go through it and perform the steps in the manner advised.

How to cancel the avast free trial?

There are some best options you can use to cancel your Avast subscription.

Disable the Automatic Renewal of your account

You can easily cancel Avast auto-renewal by signing in to your Avast Account. The steps involved are quite simple.

  • Open the Avast website on your browser and login into your account.
  • Open to the Licenses section and click on the license that you purchased.
  • Make sure you are signed in to the same email on which your license has been taken up.
  • Locate the option to Cancel Auto-Renewal.
  • You would need to confirm your choice.
  • Click on the option Deactivate Auto-renewal Subscription option in the confirmation dialog box that appears on your browser.

You should get a confirmation by email almost immediately.

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Disable Auto Renewal on Digital River

The method may work on Digital River Avast, and you can easily opt for it if you have purchased your Avast subscription from Digital River.

Here are the steps:

  • Visit the Digital River website at this address.
  • Use your order number and password to sign in.
  • Confirm by clicking on Find your Order.
  • Click on Manage Subscription
  • Find the option for Automatic Renewals
  • Turn it easily from ON to OFF.
  • You should get a pop-up screen indicating whether you want to disable the subscription.
  • Confirm by clicking.

Your automatic renewal is canceled, and you will get a confirmation email to this effect.

How to apply for an Avast Refund Request

Avast customer service billing is accountable for the accounting of the license payments. You can easily apply for the avast customer service refund from customer support within the first 30 days if your license has been renewed or 60 days if you are a new user who wants to purchase the avast license.

Disable your subscription by calling Avast Support

Avast auto-renewal can also be stopped by calling the Avast customer care number. You can also send them an email and cancel your Avast subscription. You can contact easily support through email.

Ensure that you send the cancellation email from the same email address that you have a subscription account with and have the account on the Avast website. You need to wait until customer care responds to your query.

Those were some excellent options to cancel Avast’s subscription. If you are still stuck on how to cancel an Avast subscription on PC. The options featured above should help you get the best solution ever.

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