There are many great mysteries throughout human history. What happened to Amelia Earhart? what’s the govt hiding at Area 51? Who really built the Pyramids? except for anyone who has watched the fourth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there’s one mystery that trumps all the others. Who is Pepe Silvia?

After many sleepless nights wondering who Pepe Silvia was and what he might represent, I made a decision to dive into the dark recesses of the web in hopes of finding a solution to the present question. Could the key of Pepe Silvia’s identity lead us to a greater understanding of the human condition? Might we understand our position in the universe a touch bit better if only we could discover where all those boxes filled with Pepe came from?

Who Is Pepe Silvia?

The character, or rather concept, of Pepe Silvia, comes from the “Sweet Dee features a Heart Attack” episode of the fourth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. within the episode’s cold opening, Dee has an attack, which inspires Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Dennis (Glenn Howerton) to undertake to adopt healthier lifestyles, and causes Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Charlie (Charlie Day) to require up office jobs in order that they will get medical benefits.

When Mac and Charlie apply for their jobs, they are doing so by employing a single resume for both of them. Eventually, the interviewer tells them that the sole job available may be a “mailroom gig” for which they only have one position. When Mac and Charlie offer to both work and split the minimum wage pay, they both get hired.

Once hired, Charlie begins working frantically to sort the mail. Mac, on the opposite hand, decides that his time is better spent “networking”, and decides to take a seat during a guy named Johnson’s office and take his phone calls.


When Mac goes to see Charlie within the mailroom, Charlie is chain-smoking and seems to be strung out. He says that he’s discovered a “major conspiracy” within the office, which is all centered around a mysterious character named “Pepe Silvia”.

According to Charlie, he had been receiving large volumes of mail addressed to Pepe. He was getting boxes filled with Pepe. Fearing that Pepe would come right down to the mailroom in an infuriated look for his mail, Charlie went up to Pepe’s office and knocked on the door. However, upon opening the door, he realized that there was nobody in there. Things began to seem even more suspicious from there.

Hoping that she could shed some light on the whole Pepe Silvia situation, Charlie decided to go over to Carol in HR’s office. After rapping on her door and calling her name several times, he was met with no answer. Charlie then decided to seem into her office, and what did he discover? There wasn’t even a desk in Carol’s office.

For Charlie, these unexplained vacancies led to just one conclusion: that the corporate was “being bled sort of a stuck pig”. Now, in terms of what exactly he means by that, your guess is as good as mine. However, because the scene progresses, Mac enlightens Charlie to the very fact that not only do Pepe Silvia and Carol exist, they’ve been asking about their mail frequently.

Certain fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia aren’t buying that the conclusion to the present mystery could really be that straightforward. Pepe and Carol are real people and just weren’t in their offices? There must be more thereto than that! then, fan forums are lighting up with discussions over whether Pepe and Carol are real people or simply fabrications of Charlie’s mind.

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Is Pepe Silvia a Real Person?

Since this iconic episode aired for the first time on October 30, 2008, fans of the show are floating around theories about whether Pepe Silvia is an actual person or simply a figment of Charlie’s fantastical imagination.

At now within the episode, we already know that Charlie’s mind has degenerated from stress enough to the purpose where he’s having hallucinations about characters that don’t actually exist. He tells Barney, his imaginary detective friend, to hand Mac a cigarette, only to show back to Barney and realize that he’s not there, proving that he was only a hallucination. So, judged off of that interaction, Charlie most certainly could have imagined Pepe Silvia altogether.

pepe silvia barney always sunny

However, at the top of the scene, Mac says to Charlie, “Not only do all of those people exist, but they have been posing for their mail on a day today. It’s all they’re talking about up there.” That might imply that Pepe Silvia was a true person the whole time, as was Carol in HR, and Charlie was simply unable to find the right place to place their mail.

Can we actually trust that Mac is conversant with the opposite employees of the office, though? While he’s clearly the more mentally stable of the two of them at now, Mac spent almost everything of the episode sitting behind Johnson’s desk and answering phone calls that weren’t meant for him. How would he know if there was a Pepe Silvia or a Carol in HR if he wasn’t interacting with the opposite employees?

Certain fans on Reddit have come up with another theory. consistent with certain discussions, Charlie, who is understood to be dyslexic and essentially illiterate, may have misread the word “Pennsylvania” as “Pepe Silvia” and “Care of HR” as “Carol in HR”. This would certainly add up, because the episode is about within the state of Pennsylvania, and “Care of HR” may be a common letter heading that would be found in an office.

While this theory is certainly entertaining, one among the show’s writers took to Twitter to debunk it, saying, “Total coincidence, but I wish I’d thought of it.” The Tweet has since been far away from his account, but I feel that pretty much proves that both Pepe Silvia and Carol in HR are real people working within the office.

The Pepe Silvia Craze

Since the “Sweet Dee features a Heart Attack” episode came out, fans of the show have gone absolutely wild about Pepe Silvia, and with good reason. I’ve personally watched every episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia several times, and i would rank the Pepe Silvia scene among the funniest within the entire series.

Fans of the show will constantly quote from this scene, or randomly start shouting “Carol! Carol!” However, the fandom over Pepe Silvia and Carol in HR has gone beyond the scope of just reciting quotes.

There has been a flood of hilarious Pepe Silvia memes everywhere social media, commenting on topics from social anxiety to the experience of filling out a March Madness bracket.

A YouTuber by the name of Worthikids created a dubbed-over animation for the Pepe Silvia scene. 

People have gotten Pepe Silvia tattoos.

Martin House Brewing Company out of Texas named one among their beers “There is not any Pepe Silvia”. The beer is described as an “IPA with boxes filled with coffee”. I haven’t had the prospect to undertake one, but I sure would love to, maybe while enjoying an episode of It’s Always Sunny.

You can even buy some awesome clothes inspired by the Pepe Silvia scene! If you wear one among those around, you’re getting to get some major props from fans of the show.

Overall, this episode of It’s Always Sunny is hilarious the whole way through, but the Pepe Silvia scene is undoubtedly the star of the show. It’s easy to ascertain why Pepe has gone so viral on the internet, and why fans of the show absolutely like to quote from this scene. If you were to steer into a public forum immediately and begin reciting quotes about Pepe Silvia, I can almost guarantee you’d get a couple of laughs.

Will Pepe Silvia ever reveal himself in a later episode? Only time will tell. What we will expect, however, is for the fifteenth season of It’s Always Sunny to be even as ridiculous and edgy because the previous seasons. Rob McElhenney, the writer of the show and actor who portrays Mac, took to social media to assure the planet that this next season is going to be full of “more dick jokes”.

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