MMORPGs are funny things. They have the ability to put you in a vast world with thousands of people. You can play with them without any end time. Their following is huge and loyal. Here is the best MMORPGs list for everyone. Please note, that all of these use a free-to-play model for customizations, weapons, etc. There are only a few decent games with a subscription model. Here is the list of the best mobile MMORPG that gives us the best performance in our testing phase.

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Best Mobile MMORPG List:

AdventureQuest 3D

Price: Free

AdventureQuest 3D is the best and rapidly growing MMORPG. Its feature like same as MMORPG. You’ll be able to quest a bunch, create a Character, and more. You can play on PC & Mobile both. You can chat, have a social engagement, and have full support for multi-crossing your character.

Arcane Legends

Price: Free

The arcane Legends game is very pretty at its core. You can choose your class related to your skill set, and abilities. There is co-op play as well as PvP modes so you can play and engage with other players. There are also PvP modes to increase your interest. Developers do their jobs very Good to keep fresh content. There are tons of things to do. 

Black Desert Mobile

Price: Free

Black is the newer Android MMORPGs. This MMORPG boost the MMORPG features customized character, open large world, missions to play, social elements and more. Players can choose five different classes. Definitely, You can get some stuff like pets and mounts. It’s free to play, you can play on Mobile but at least you can use Google Play Points to earn free stuff.

Grow Stone Online

Price: Free

Grow Stone Online is the retro style MMORPG. It has most of the features like MMORPG. Grow Stone Online has 2D graphics. In our test, there is no problem we face with Controlling and disconnectivity issues. It’s a freemium game but you kind of expect that in this genre. It’s good for sure.

Era of Legends

Price: Free

The era of Legends is the newer Android MMORPG on this list. In this MMORPG you can get usual things such as clans, huge cooperative boss fights, and stuff like that. It’s free on the play store at least try one time you feel different than other MMORPG.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Price: Free

Lineage 2: Revolution is the newer MMORPG. Its best feature, the smoothness of graphics, tons of content, and the usual array of mobile MMORPG stuff. The MMORPG does have some unique stuff. you can do the usual stuff like questing, joining guilds and clans, and more. It’s a freemium game.


In this article, we discuss all the best mobile MMORPGs, for you and try to provide you with original reviews on MMORPGs. In the future, we try to test more MMORPGs for you and add them to this page if you like our review on MMORPGs please tell me in the comment box. Thanks…

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