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AntiLand is a secure smartphone app that permits its users to chat privately and securely with strangers via secret chat rooms. It is a messenger app where people are able to create chat rooms with strangers and have a chat with no hesitation or fear of being identified. Antiland protects people from depression, anxiety, solitude, and especially from boredom and loneliness.

What is AntiLand?

Antiland is a smartphone app for both IOS and Android users that permits you to use a wide range of features and facilities free of cost. It is very papular among young generations as it helps them to talk to everyone with no fear.

In this century, every person was busy with their messy routines and hard-working schedules. People don’t have any time for other people. They even don’t know how to treat drug abuse and trauma.

In such frantic situations, we all find it hard to share our conversations, secrets, and emotions with anyone. We are also tense about being judged as we all have some dark side secrets that we cannot share with our family and friends.


Antiland permits its users to meet new people and to make new friends from anywhere around the world. Now people can talk to some other strangers laugh and gossip, share secrets and crack silly jokes without fear of their recognition.

Why the need for Antiland?

  • In this present time, social media apps have become more personified for young generations. People have no idea how to deal with hypertension. They find it snugger to chat with someone who doesn’t judge them.
  • For that motive, AntiLand completely fits in the requirement as it permits its users to talk globally with no personal identification. Therefore, we can say that technology has made our life snugger and has made us digital.
  • We have no idea how technology has the ability to enhance teaching and education problems, and thus an equivalent is that the case with the AntiLand app. Antiland is additionally mentioned as AntiChat has covered all those necessary domains of the fashionable era.
  • Now we all can secretly chat with strangers, discover our secrets, gossips freely, celebrate with the free dating app, and should make adult confessions with zero hesitation and fear.

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Why will you love AntiLand?

AntiLand is a chatting application like a messenger, but the features for its users with many useful and exciting functions.

Here are some features of the AntiLand app.

  1. 10000+ chat rooms for chatting and dating.
  2. 35+ international languages are available for chatting.
  3. 25,000,000 people are available online all the time.
  4. Around 1.5 million followers.
  5. Over 150 cute avatars are available.
  6. 60+ skilled moderators are available for control and security purpose.
  7. Online administration is available all time for security in discussion and the secure forum.
  8. No identity, no actual name, no ads, no history, no judgment, only fun and enjoyement.
AntiLand is an anonymous chat app that permits its users to chat with strangers without revealing their identities. It is very famous among the Youngers and is highly recommended for stress handle.

How to login/sign up on AntiLand?

  1. Install the app.
  2. Select your country, and type your phone number.
  3. Sel a strong password, and that’s all. You will not get any verification code on your phone number like other apps.

Do not create your account with a dummy number. If you make your account with a dummy number, you will lose your account, all its connections, and karma. In the future, if you forget your security password, you won’t be able to reset your security password.

So, use your personal phone number while registering your account. Your number will not be shown to anyone on AntiLand.

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How to create a chat room on Antiland?

Create a private room for more than one user, select all avatars you would like to feature in your chat, and follow further instructions.

If you would like to create to talk room with a selected anonymous user, select the pencil button you’ll find on the house screen.

To chat with someone from your phone contact list, attend the contact section. Allow the app to access your mobile contacts and select anyone you would like to talk to and send them texts of your choice. it’s great fun!

What are the rules for chat room founders on AntiLand?

Once you are done with your registration on AntiLand, you have to accept their user agreement.

Rules for chat room founders are:

  • You won’t be ready to use AntiLand if you disagree with their user agreement.
  • AntiLand’s privacy policy 1 positively secures your privacy.
  • No bullying, terrorism, violence, pornography, or other restricted behavior is allowed.
  • Someone under the age of 18 cannot create a talk room.
  • Pornographic content is very restricted. Any sexual act or animal or images of personal organs also are considered pornographic stuff and are firmly forbidden in AntiLand.
  • Only friendly, respectful, and polite behavior is allowed.
  • Bullying, nudity, and rude behavior are going to be considered a violation and are highly restricted.
  • It doesn’t allow any advertising associated with your services or work. you can’t share any link, image, video, or other stuff for affiliating purposes.
  • It allows for no personal information. you can’t share your private info with others and the other way around.
  • Suppose you can’t express your feelings well and aren’t ready to talk friendly. Your karma will become zero, and most likely, it’ll ban your account permanently.
  • If you discover something violated, it’s your social responsibility to report it to AntiLand.

How to get karma fast on AntiLand?

Karma- is someone’s communal status within the secret world of Antiland. The more respectful, suitable, and active your behavior is- the very best points you get on karma. Karma is someone’s satisfaction and social behavioral status on Antiland.

You can get more karma by interacting with more users, texting different people, adding exciting topics, sending pictures, sending and receiving gifts to people. Karma very gets effects by your public behavior and attitude.

To be noted:
You can install AntiLand from the app store and may register with an account. You'll create a personal chat room to talk with more than one anonymous person. However, you want to agree with their user agreement policy.

Is Antiland safe?

  • Antiland has been the foremost wanted and popular anonymous social chat app thus far. it’s beneficial for all people in several ways. However, it is often risky for Youngers and particularly students.
AntiLand is safe
  • Teenagers can talk to anyone without knowing them. Unknowns can ask them for his or her pictures or other personal info. Youngers aren’t mature enough to affect strangers. There is a Possibility Anyone with a fake identity may easily scam them.
  • As there is no verification, so there are maximum chances for fraud with a fake ID. Chatting with strangers can increase the probability of cyberbullying.

Why was AntiLand removed from the app store?

  • In December 2018, AntiLand was banned and far away from the app store with no warning and restored in February 2019. 2018 major social media companies like Facebook, Apple, Google were highly critiqued for their content.
  • Government asked them to enhance their social media content. In the end, Apple removed Tumblr, and later AntiLand was eliminated with no notification.
  • As per the Nick Halavins-founder and CEO of AntiLand, the app was banned in December 2018 due to a 17 years old girl.
  • App founder doesn’t blame the managing team for that issue. They didn’t ban her account due to some communication issues. So, people worldwide said that 17 years old teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to use such apps.
  • So, after a final meeting with Apple, AntiLand’s founder removed the app from the app store. Founders looking for improving the app content and restricted users under the age of 18. Therefore, the app was restored in February 2019.

How to delete an AntiLand account?

You can’t delete your AntiLand account. But, Your account will be robotically removed if you break any of their rules or don’t use the AntiLand app for over thirty days. You’ll also set this by using the “privacy and security” option in the setting.

Frequently asked questions:

People ask many questions about Antiland.

1. Is AntiLand anonymous?

AntiLand doesn’t ask for any private information instead a private number for registration. Nobody can see your telephone number or the other personal info on your account. The sole thing that’s visible to other users is an avatar.

Therefore AntiLand is a completely anonymous app, which doesn’t reveal its user’s identity. Their user agreement policy also restricts private chat. Nobody can ask your personal questions, and therefore the same is that the case with you.

2. Is it safe to talk to strangers online?

In this muddy world, we all find woe in sharing our matter with our family and friends. As a result, we sink into depression, and the psychological effects of stress on the human body and mind make us mentally ill.

In that situation, it is much finer to talk to strangers. Someone who will not be able to judge us, and we can talk to them freely. For that cause, online chatting can be very helpful.

Although, on the other side, online chatting has many cons too. There are big chances of scams and cyberbullying. Especially for teenagers, it is risky. For that reason, parents must know all the cons and pros of online chatting.

3. What are other anonymous chatting apps?

Here are some of them.

  1. Badoo
  2. SKOUT
  3. MeetMe
  4. Tagged
  5. Chatt Room
  6. Signal
  7. Wickr Me
  8. Dusk
  9. Whisper
  10. Tohla
  11. Talk with stranger

4. Can online chat be traced?

This planet is loaded with high-class hackers. Any single task you do via your internet can be traced, and so your online chat. Hackers can easily access your smartphones, laptops, and IP addresses.

5. What are the best depression relief apps?

Have a look at some best Apps

  1. Talklife
  2. Daylio
  3. Youper
  4. Depression CBT
  5. Pacifica
  6. Happify


Antiland is the most recent anonymous chatting app, which was created in 2015. People quickly fell for depression and don’t have any idea what should be a positive psychological response to stress. Antiland can help sort the give-out.

It permits its users the space to chat with strangers with no personal identification. People can easily talk to anyone around the globe. They can easily create chat rooms and have conversations of their choice with strangers alike.

On the other hand, AntiLand is very helpful for people as it helps them to connect with other people online. Although, it can be harmful to teenagers and especially for students. That’s the reason, parents must have a check with their children for using such apps.

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