Android 12 and availability on your Pixel Phones

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  • Now Android 12 is available on selected devices.
  • But this version is not stable for users.
  • Google improves its quality and performance for users.

Android 12 is big news from Google. Android 12 is now available on Pixel phones. And this will be the big and powerful operating system in 2021.

This Android version is available for Pixel 3/3XL, Pixel 4/4XL, and Pixel 4a/4a5G. But keep in mind this Android 12 version, for now, is not a compatible and useable driver for your daily usage. This version is only for developers.

This update is only a Test.

This version is only a test for developers, not for users. This version did not come with its exclusive features. Google says that this version of Android has more secure than all other versions. This year, Google focuses more on Android 12, and this version comes with a new notification system for users.

But some features have been confirmed by Google. (1) This version comes with the best Image processing technique, filters images with the best algorithm by Google, and provides smaller size of files with high-quality of Image.

(2) Android 12 also has the best gaming experience for gamers. There is the best vibration motor to sync with an app for gamers’ experience.

Stay connected with us and get new news about Android 12. And use the amazing features of Android 12.

When will everyone get Android 12?

Google says that the new version of Android 12 comes on August 8. But in the previous year, Android 11 came on September 8. The new version of Android may come in near September.

So, let’s see what happens in the future. But the Android 11 beta version comes on 10 June 2020, and the possibility Android 12 Best version will also come in near June.

But for now, this version is only for developers, not users. So, be patient with this new Android version.

Tell me in the comment section about New Android 12 and how you feel about this version after knowing about it.

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