Android 11 news | Release Date, Features, mobile phone list 2021

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Android 11 news: is officially here. It’s out for Google Pixels and many other Android will also soon get the latest Android update. Android 11 has new features, new UI changes, all the under-the-hood changes, and its new privacy and security stuff.

The New Android version 2020 is now available in Google pixel (Beta Version). But keep in mind they’re not a huge change and upgrade from android 10.

Here we see the new features about Android 11 but this list doesn’t cover every new feature.

1: Conversation Notifications

The best of my favorite new feature is group notification. If you want to make group your notification and prioritize your notification, android 11 make this simple. You will get your prioritize notification first on your phone. In Android 11 you can control your whole phone notification. You can silent app notification, mute and open volume according to your preference. With Android 11, you now have more control over notifications than you ever had previously.

2: Notification History

Unfortunately, the notification history option not open by default so, go to the settings and notification then open the notification history option. Interesting features come in Android 11 news. You can see all notifications and old notifications in the history option. Even silent notifications also save in history. This is a great tool to see if there are apps you don’t use much hogging up system resources.

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3: Chat bubbles in Android 11

Yes! Chat bubbles in stock android. In android 11 every chat app has a chat bubble. so, you can easily chat with your friends. For example, if you watch a movie and suddenly received an SMS so, you can easily reply using the chat bubble in your android 11 news. This is exactly how the system-wide bubble feature works, with the only major difference being that it can work for any chat app, not just Messenger or other apps that have a similar design.

4: Android 11 Screen Recorder

Yes! there is a screen recorder from google stock android. With that in mind, a native screen recorder within Android 11 might seem a bit late to the party. This option shows in the notification panel. You can use it to record your screen. And if you want to record your phone audio so, you can also enable this function.

5: Dark theme scheduling

Here you can schedule your dark theme. You can control or scheduling the dark theme using one of two different metrics. You can schedule a dark theme to turn on or off when the sun sets or rises. 

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