Amazon ERC Number | How to Contact Amazon HR Department

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Amazon ERC number is 1-888-892-7180. Amazon Human Resources can talk with employees in case of any query. However, someone has some query related to his job, so he can Email it to Amazon HR.

1. How to connect HR?

Amazon’s HR number is 1-888-892-7180. Regarding job applications and asking for a job, it’s difficult to contact Amazon HR.

Amazon ERC number is only used for employee issues or general queries of the employee. You can contact amazon HR in the following ways:

  1. You can find someone on Mutual LinkedIn with Amazon HR to contact.
  2. You can find a friend or some ex-worker to make contact with to satisfy your queries.
  3. Attend the Amazon career fair and communicate with Amazon creators if you want a job opportunity.
  4. If you’ve a chance, ask for a business card from the recruiters to be in contact for seeking further information.
  5. If you want to work at Amazon, you must communicate with your friend for a referral. They can assist you in contacting human resources.
  6. To make avail, you must communicate with your Amazon HR on-campus.
  7. If you’re looking for a job on Amazon and there is an Amazon office where you live, you may have some golden chances to meet and greet amazon recruiters for some better job options at amazon.

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2. What does Amazon ERC do?

  1. Amazon ERC (employment resource centre) assists the Amazon Human Resource department regarding the Amazon Employee Policy. This is the main purpose of providing the ERC number.
  2. Amazon ERC team comprises many employees, ranging from 2500 to 3000, that assist amazon employees in around 48+ countries and about 15 different languages.
  3. Around the globe, there are 9 places where the amazon employment resources centre associates are available.

3. Is Amazon ERC number 24 Hours?

  1. Amazon ERC number is 1-888-892-7180. You can contact amazon Human Resources to ask queries or have general talks.
  2. Amazon ERC is available, but not available around the clock. You can contact Amazon human resource members from 9:30 AM–5:30 PM during normal workdays.
  3. So, if you’ve the best availability, you must call amazon from 10 am to 11 am.
  4. However, Amazon customer services are available 24/7 via call or Email. You can order what you want around the clock without hesitation.

4. Amazon employee call in sick

  1. Amazon calls for sickness is a very simple procedure. Depending on the vacation type the employee wants.
  2. If you want to have a UPT vacation type, it’s easy for you. Just notify Amazon HR one hour before.
  3. But if you need to have OPT vacation, you must notify HR a day earlier.
  4. Employees don’t call out sick during work. They are considered to be self-responsible for the management of their time.
  5. But in Covid-19, as the employees are much concerned about their safety, they ask for sick leave with pay.
  6. According to Amazon Employees, Amazon only looks at its revenues and does not pay attention to the safety of employees.
  7. If you want to get a job at Amazon, you must need a referral to find the contact of recruits.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are an ex-worker at Amazon and want to contact you with an ERC number, you may have questions that need answers. Some of these questions have been answered below:

1. How do I contact Amazon Management Directly?

  1. Call 1-888-892-7180, and you can contact Amazon Management Directly.
  2. By Calling this number, you can contact a customer service representative.

2. Does Amazon have a human resources department?

  1. Amazon ERC Number is available for queries and general talks related to the job. Amazon is a big organisation with innumerable employees, so Amazon must need a properly established HR management.
  2. According to Amazon, they have a proper Amazon Department, and HR leaders deal satisfactorily and genuinely with the employees.

3. How to call a live person at amazon customer services?

  1. You can call ERC 1-888-892-7180  for your query. But in case you need to talk to a live person,
    1. 1-888-892-7180 call this number.
    2. Then you have to say “Representative,” and you’ll be asked about your problem.
    3. You’ve to describe your problem in short to save time.
    4. After doing this, you’ll connect with a live-call person.
    5. Now you just need to talk about your queries.


Amazon ERC number is used to assist HR regarding queries. ERC number is 1-888-892-7180 and if you want to talk live in person, call 1-888-280-4331. But in case of job opportunity you must need a referral to get a job.

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