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Who’s behind the technology site you’re reading?

Who We Are

The goal of 4lolipop is to assist individuals in making the most of the technology that currently dominates every aspect of our lives. We provide context for recent technologies, a vast collection of regularly updated educational how-to articles, social media, and gaming. Our mission is to educate consumers on current technological trends and social media and demonstrate how to use everything. We want to be the reliable, friendly, and authoritative voice for those who depend on their technology daily and want it to function properly. When it doesn’t work, they want to find an answer and get it working, and our mission is to help them.

We have more than 10 technology professionals, authors, software developers, tech support agents, and more working together to create reliable technology news, social media, gaming, and how-to articles.

Our expanding library of more than 1,000 pieces of content, created and improved over the past 2 years, helps you understand what’s happening in the world of technology, social media, and gaming and then learn how to best make it all work.

Our Team

Christopher Daniel

Senior Strategy & Editorial Director,

Christopher Daniel is the founder as well as Editor-in-Chief at 4lolipop. He worked as App Search Optimizer at GoalTech for 2 years. He has worked as a Freelancer Search Engine Optimizer for over 3 years on different Freelance Market Places. He has also been writing on technology for over 5 years. He holds a BS (Hons) in Information Technology but also considers himself a self-taught boffin in ASO, SEO, and Content Writing for technology.

Robert Hinzman

Writer, Editor, Fact Checker

Robert Hinzman is an Editor for 4lolipop with more than a year of experience writing, editing, and fact-checking tech stories. He is also responsible for updating the content if any change occurs. Before this position, Robert was a Content Project Manager for different organizations. He managed a team of over three writers and editors, edited and fact-checked submitted materials, and helped B2B clients to develop business-facing and customer-facing technology content. 

Our Writers

Our writers have much practical experience using the technology they write about. Most of our writers have advanced degrees and are leaders in their fields.

In addition to being professionals, they are also real people who use the technology they write about and are enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge to you.

Fact Checkers

4lolipop’s skilled fact-checkers critically review our news content to ensure its integrity.

This team of experts is chosen and examined for their subject matter and journalistic expertise. They are tasked with conducting thorough research on every statement of fact to ensure that the technical details and facts in our news articles are accurate and thorough and that the statistics are up to date.

Technology Review Board

Our instructional and other supporting content must be as accurate as possible. Our Technology Review Board has been charged with reviewing our how-to and other content. Even though it means more work for us, we’re happy to put in the extra effort to keep our readers informed and confident in our ability to deliver the information they require.

Editorial Guidelines

Here at 4lolipop, we’re very proud of the caliber of our content. High-quality, original, accurate, and expert content that is free of ethical issues, bias, conflicts, or misinformation is produced by our writers.

Before publication, every piece of content on our site is professionally edited to ensure it complies with our high standards. Our skilled editors examine the text for readability, formatting, spelling, and grammar, as well as the quality of the images, screenshots, and other elements.

Our how-to articles and other helpful materials are written and updated frequently by published authors and experienced tech educators. We follow strict guidelines we have developed over the past 2 years to ensure that every process, regardless of how technical, is as simple to follow as possible.

Accuracy and Corrections

Our extensive library of how-to content is frequently updated and fact-checked to maintain the publication of accurate, comprehensive, timely, and relevant information. Articles in our content library are date-stamped after updating and verifying to show readers that the information is accurate and complete. 

4lolipop is dedicated to alerting readers when an error has occurred and fixing it. When we find a significant factual error, we will update the article as soon as possible and include a note of correction. Every correction will have a distinct label, a date, and details about what was fixed.

We encourage reader participation in maintaining our dedication to truthfulness and fact-checking. Please let us know if you find any factual error in any of our content, and we’ll look into it and take the necessary steps for updating and correction.

Independence and Impartiality

4lolipop is committed to independent, fair, and impartial journalism. Our editorial content is unaffected by the ads we run. Every member of the 4lolipop staff and contributor is held to a high standard of honesty and openness.

We keep editorial content and advertising completely separate. We mark our “Sponsored Content” to indicate that it has been produced for or on behalf of an advertiser or sponsor.

4lolipop writers and editors are prohibited from providing preferential treatment to any outside resource based on their relationship with any person or company that authors or owns that resource.

Our editors and writers are responsible for disclosing any potential conflicts of interest in any financial or personal relationship with any source or resource that may compromise their capability to provide fair and impartial information.


4lolipop strives to deliver original, practical, and unbiased content. All information must be accurate, properly attributed, and not violate anyone’s copyright or intellectual property rights. Any suggestion of plagiarism is thoroughly investigated and is cause for termination. We obey all applicable laws, standards, and recognized journalistic standards, including:

  • Copyright Law of the United States
  • Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Code
  • Fair Use
  • FTC Guidelines on Disclosures

Content Integrity

We are committed to the integrity and reliability of our editorial procedures and content. Every piece of content is precisely researched and reviewed by our team of writers, editors, fact-checkers, and professionals to ensure it is current and accurate and prioritizes the needs of our readers.

Editors regularly review articles to ensure their quality, accuracy, and integrity. Editors may also consult with members of the review boards as necessary. No editing is done to photos or videos that could make them false or deceptive. We work to make it simple for readers to alert us to factual mistakes, and we promptly correct any that we find. It is the responsibility of all our authors, editors, and contributors to disclose any possible conflicts of interest.

Our advertisers do not influence our editorial content. We maintain a strict partition between advertising and editorial content and distinguish editorial content from advertising content.

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