10 Bookfi Alternative for Free eBooks and Audiobooks

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Bookfi is a free Russian-based eBook library, that offers free eBooks on different topics. Many students and readers use this free eBook source on a budget. But sometimes, it’s not always the most reliable source since the site is regularly targeted in anti-piracy crackdowns in the UK and the US. What’s a penny-pinching bookworm to do when Bookfi gets shut down?

Here are some free Bookfi Alternative ways that you can use:

1. Mirror Sites

Yes! The first choice is to go mirror site of Bookfi. Whenever the sites get targeted, it’s easy to pop up on another site. Because There are many mirror sites, they aren’t all equally safe and reliable. So, You still have to proceed with caution whenever you download Books.

Fortunately, Z-library is the same platform where you can download and read books for free. And this library is also updated regularly.

2. Z-library

Z-library is also the best Bookfi Alternative because this is also an online platform that has provided free services since 2009. Z-library is one of the best and largest libraries on the internet, where you can find eBooks on social media marketing. And also life storybooks.

3. Libby

Libby is the mobile version of OneDrive. Used publicly all around the world. You can find textbooks, fiction, nonfiction, and anything else that your library offers. Therein lies the catch.

You can easily register with your local library account whenever you download this app. Then, you’ve permission to access whatever the local account offer. It’s a free library on the internet, so if you’re looking for a free and best library around you, you must check out this library.

Students used Sora, the school library version of OneDrive. That can help you to connect your school’s eBook and audiobook.

4. Gutenberg

Michael Hurt founded Gutenberg. The inventor of eBooks. The mission of this website is to provide you with free copyright eBooks. The collection is maintained by volunteers who painstakingly digitize books and upload them to the site. Especially students will get benefit from the collection.

5. Library of Congress Digital Archive

The US Library of Congress also works for online eBooks and makes sure of the availability of their books’ availability. Like Gutenberg, books and articles are available in the public domain. The library of congress has more articles as compared with Gutenberg.

They offer more than eBooks, and you can find old newspapers, maps, sheet music, audio recordings, and more that can help you research that thesis.

6. Forgotten Books

Forgotten Books has the same agenda as Gutenberg. With over 1 million fiction and nonfiction, It’s a great platform to get the best material for your knowledge. But you won’t find latest your latest textbooks here. However, humanities majors can probably find free copies of everything in their medieval lit class or their Freudian theories class.

Another cool feature of this website is you can print out physical copies of any book. But it isn’t free.

7. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is the best alternative to Bookfi, with over 4 million fiction and nonfiction. It’s also a little more organized and consistent about ensuring its users can easily find reliable LibGen mirror sites. This site also has an active Reddit Group where you can find the latest update of Library Genesis.

8. Open Textbook Library

Open Education Network sponsors this library’s open Textbook. It offers a database of Textbooks related to different subjects. If you’re looking for Books related to your career and want to increase your skills, that’s the best choice.

It’s an excellent alternative resource to Bookfi, where you can learn new. 🙂

9. Open Culture

Open Culture is ”the best free cultural and educational media on the web,” and they’re working hard to provide us with the best services. They also regularly update free eBooks, free audiobooks, free textbooks, free online courses, and other knowledge material.

10. Your Campus Library

For students who need help buying books on the internet, you might be surprised that your university offers you an alternative. Just ask University’s librarian and request your course-related book, and you can easily get it.

You can also request your local library for a new book.


In this article, we see about Bookfi alternative and complete library reviews where you can easily learn and get knowledge about your course, career, and more. If you like this, please share it with your friends.

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